Strange bedfellows

Celebrity Big Brother update: “If Courtney didn’t have a d*ck, I’d go to town on that”

The people who care about things like the Celebrity Big Brother are up in arms about the burgeoning relationship between Andrew Brady and Courtney Act, particularly since Brady let a comment “slip” about Courtney’s penis.

Talking to housemate Rachel Johnson, he said, “If Courtney didn’t have a dick, I’d go to town on that.”

“I’m not gonna lie.”

This “revelation” comes after Brady and Act bathed together; a tableau that found Courtney diligently shaving Andrew’s feet. And let’s not forget the time Courtney pulled down Andrew’s pants. There have been a lot of laffs so far.

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Earlier episodes found Brady telling housemates he found Courtney “hot” (!) but they’re just buds or whatever.

The most recent episode also features Act waxing Andrew’s butt as only buds can, while two other contestants watch.

Minions of the Twitterverse became outraged as one, venting their frustration with life and pop culture on social media.

Some didn’t appreciate the comment about not having sex with Courtney because she’s in possession of penis, while others think Andrew is just leading Courtney on, because… well, it’s a contest on the TV.

In Other Things On Celebrity Big Brother that upset Twitter: Theoretical funnyman Dapper Laughs called two girls “fucking lesbians” because they didn’t want to have sex with him, which by that logic probably makes us lesbians as well.

Dapper asked model Jess Impiazzi and Ashley James of Made in Chelsea who was more likely to fornicate with his personage. Cagily, they pointed to each other.

Hence, he called them “fucking lesbians.”

Here’s Twitter going bananas about it: