Celebs All About You Coming Out…

We won’t repeat ourselves about what day it is…at least, not in this posting. As we reported earlier, in conjunction with this gayest of days, The Human Rights Campaign launched its “Talk About It” campaign. You know, because we don’t talk about gayness enough.

Anyway, our friends over at AOL just sent us this link to their site where people just like you can satisfy their need for all things celebrity and coming out with one simple click. Incredible! There are definitely some notable names, such as Jessica Simpson, Laura Linney, and Bishop Gene Robinson. Then, there’s a face we never thought we’d see in a coming out campaign: Ronald Reagan, Jr.

Um…did we miss something? Isn’t the same man who for the last billion years or so has denied he’s gay? Has he final come out or is he just pulling our leg? Did we miss something? We’re so confused we could cry.

And, judging from this picture, so is Ronald Reagan, Jr.

For other HRC endorsed “Talk About It” pics, check out their gallery:Snapshot Gallery

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