Celeste And Jesse Forever’s Rashida Jones: “John Travolta? Come Out!”

When celebrities have movies to push they do press junkets in various large markets. Usually they tell the same anecdote about their co-star or make the same compliment about their director at every junket.

It’s like one long episode of The Tonight Show.

But every now and again, you get a celebrity who can actually talk like a human being paired with a reporter who has an interesting take on things. Jason LeRoy’s interview with Jesse & Celeste Forever‘s Rashida Jones and Will McCormack for was one of those times.

In it, the co-stars (and co-writers) talk about moviemaking, career women and Jones’ ongoing interest in out musician Frank Ocean, which led to an interesting little side-convo about another star whose sexuality has come into question:

How’s the Frank Ocean obsession coming along?

Jones: It’s there. It’s real and it’s there. We just missed him the other day in DC while we were there for press. I just love him. He is so great.

McCormack: There needs to be, like, a professional athlete that comes out.

Jones: And a movie star! It’s time.

McCormack: Yeah, like a big one.

Jones: A movie star. Like, John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let’s do this!

Well, we’re glad somebody said it.

Jones, the daughter of super-producer Quincy Jones and Mod Squad star Peggy Lipton, also weighed in on the power of celebrities coming out:

“Let’s be honest: Anderson Cooper is a TV personality. Like Neil Patrick Harris—okay, yes, it’s great that he came out, but (A) these are both men who have lived in the gay community for a long time and I think everyone suspected, and (B) there’s something about these iconic stars, people who are almost godlike.

With someone like Frank Ocean, yes, it’s fantastic that he did what he did,and his letter was so beautiful, and he’s in such close proximity to all these rappers. So he’s battling homophobia just by being honest. But big stars need to come out. Ricky Martin was huge. That was big; I was really happy about that.”

Big stars only tend to be outed posthumously.

I know. People are so precious about their careers.”

Apparently not when it comes to sexually assaulting masseuses.

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  • Geri

    The problem is that America is so screwed up over sexuality that it would be difficult for Travolta to come out as bisexual and remain married to his wife.

    Of course it wouldn’t be any problem at all if it was the other way round and it was Kelly Preston who was bisexual. Which is why I say America is so screwed up over sexuality.

  • Cam

    Gee, what a shock, one of “The Usual Suspects” comes and makes the first post a flashing banner for “BISEXUALITY”.

    Funny how all of these supposed bisexuals all seem to be cheating on their wives with men. Perhaps once in a while you should find a male bisexual cheating on his boyfriend with a woman.

    Countdown to them coming in here, screaming bi-phobia before unleashing a string of anti-gay attacks.

  • Terry

    Geri, if Kelly was bisexual, John would be getting congratulated by almost everyone. I know it’s a double standard but ah well.

  • Mason

    Always thought Rasheda was a man jealous lesbian….now we know…

  • shannon


  • Kim

    Well since she often talks about her dad Quincy Jones who is Black.Every bio mentions her Black father Quincy Jones.If she wanted to deny being biracial she could have used her moms last name Lipton.Hey John keep looking like a pathetic loser hitting on a straight guys for sex

  • Mason

    Of course Women are always telling guys to “come out” …It’s called bullying…

  • bienclar

    I find it really difficult to care about these so-called ‘celebrities’ and who they choose to do ‘twixt the sheets. Sure it would be fantastic for the community if some big names made the decision to de-closet but when it’s people like Travolta and Cruise who have had every opportunity to and haven’t there are two possible reasons:

    a) They genuinely aren’t gay. (Shocking I know!)


    b) They have weighed up the pro’s and con’s and decided it is in their best interest to live a lie, in which case their sudden revelation due to the fact we’ve been crowing for them to do it for years would just reflect poorly on us as a community because face it, we’re a pretty judgmental lot and almost impossible to please – just look at Lady Gaga, one second she’s the ‘it’ girl of gaiety and then she’s ‘pandering to her fans.’

  • mike ramon

    Who cares if Travolta is gay or bisexual or whatever,it is not an issue of any importance, he’sjust a guy like any other guy, except he’s very rich, now if he was a pauper would you still be interested and knowing that he is gay or bisexual, no you wouldn’t. Or is it going to put a million dollars in your bank account,for knowing, not.

  • Kim

    @Mason: What ? Men bulli.ed Anderson, Bomer etc

  • Geri

    @Cam: I’m not flashing a banner for bisexuality. I’m just being logical. Travolta obviously isn’t monosexual. Not unless all the “gay” rumours are totally untrue and he’s actually heterosexual.

  • tlg

    Totally easier for a female in show business to come out. The most courageous coming out so far is Bomer, he has the most to lose as the first real leading man quality type. NPH was forced out but still good although not a leading man, sexy heart throb type. Ricky was washed up so he needed a jump start and everyone basically knew. But the more that come out obviously the better. Oh, and Bi is the last stop before gayville.

  • Cam

    @mike ramon:

    Nice try. But Celebs spend all of their lives publicizing themselves. We hear everything about Jennifer Aniston’s dates, Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy, Angelina and Brad’s kids, and yet according to you, being gay is so filthy and disgusting that it should be hidden.

  • XoMoDe

    It’s John’s job to sell movie tickets, not give people a peak inside his personal life. Rashida Jones was completely out of line to make these comments and needs to mind her own business, and tend to her own career. She’s not exactly A or B list herself. The most significant thing about her is who her father is.

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    Hey, XoMoDe, by that logic, you should shut the fuck up, too, and have no opinions because you’re not only not A- or B-list, you’re NOTHING. Right? Wrong. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I happen to agree with hers. It’s NOT just John Travolta’s job to sell tickets—all stars use their personal lives to enhance their ability to sell tickets and to gain fans. If they’re going to blatantly lie about stuff, there is nothing wrong with their fans or with critics saying, “Uh, that’s a lie.”

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    PS Rashida is very talented and successful. She is not an iconic movie star like John Travolta (nor does she claim to be), but she’s doing very well and it’s not nepotism.

  • John Travolta

    Someone tell this black bitch to mind her business…

  • John Travolta 2

    Ooh please John just zip it.

  • n900mixalot

    @John Travolta: This is Hollywood. “You” are EVERYONE’S business so lie back and take it.

  • Geri

    @tlg: Yes it’s “Totally easier for a female in show business to come out.”

    It’s totally easier for bisexual women in show business to come out, because straight men not only totally accept that bisexual women exist, they actually want them to exist. And when they hear about Angelina cheating on Brad with women they just think and say stuff like: “Wow ! That’s hot! Brad’s a lucky boy. I bet he gets to watch.”

  • Geri

    @tlg: Apparently Gayville, AKA “The Hay Capital Of The World”, is small town in South Dakota, USA.

    And Biville is a commune in the Manche department in the Basse-Normandie region in northwestern France.

  • Geri

    @Mason: “Of course Women are always telling guys to “come out” …It’s called bullying…2”

    Yes, but lots of women are turned on by guy-on-guy action. And not just straight women either…

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