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Cenk Uygur Calls On 100% Of Gays To Vote For Republicans 0% Of The Time

“Don’t get me wrong: Democrats are the worst,” says Cenk Uygur, one of the most reasonable people on cable news. “But the only thing worse than the Democrats, if you’re a gay voter, is the Republicans.” He’s upset with the new stats the show more gay voters this month voted for Republicans than ever before. Please stop!

Republicans are “just not that into you,” says Uygur in a direct address to gay viewers. “They don’t like your lifestyle. They don’t like who you choose to sleep with. They don’t like who you choose to love. They think you live in sin. How much clearer do they have to be?”

To which gay Republicans responded: How much clearer do we have to be?

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  • Toby

    I agree 1,000% precent. As long as we act like Door mates, we will be treated like door mates.

  • george

    Agrred. I think of it this way: Democrats won’t do anything for gays. They might get something through once every 10 years. OK. But Republicans will actually try and HURT us. They want us destroyed and marginalized.

    I don’t need a super pro-gay President or Congress. I just need one that isn’t actively anti-gay. One who won’t stand in the way of natural progressive.

    The choice is simple. I’ll vote Democrat every time.

  • FreddyMertz

    Thank YOU!!! I’m not a Dem, but I’ll be damned if I ever vote for a Repub. So the question still has to be asked…who can we vote for? Oh, and this past election..did we cut off our nose to spite our face?..according to those poll numbers.

  • James Davis

    BS. It’s not that Rs will do anything, it is about showing the Ds we won’t be taken for granted. You want our votes don’t punt on our issues.

  • Jeffree

    @James Davis: (#4):
    I have had moments when I thought what you said. All it took was reading some of the candidate surveys/interviews with some Republican Senate/House/Gov candidates —& state Sen/House hopefuls too— to realize that they aren’t indifferent or benign regarding LGBT issues.

    The Dems are sure disappointing in terms of results, but the Repubs are veering to the right wing of the party platform. Moderate Repubs are finding themselves painted as “out of touch with the American people” by their more firebrand colleagues.

    Stepping away from LGB issues, the Republicans are scary too: their agenda for healthcare, the economy & environment & education is regressive. Read their platforms.

    I hope that we make sure that our “lenses” on politics don’t leave out those other issues.

  • Red Meat

    @James Davis: stupid mentality is stupid.

  • kenny

    Cute articulate and intelligent man he is dead on.I am ashamed of these people who are voting for people who HATE US and how we live its stupid and idiotic and it continues to hurt our cause and our community period.Voting for these people to me is the same thing as putting yet ANOTHER nail in another innocent gay americans coffin.

    I think both sides are screwed up in this area dems and repubs but the repubs are definitely worse when it comes to our community.

  • Kieran

    This reminds me of somebody counseling an abused person to just shut up and take the abuse because, even though your abuser has proven to be a do-nothing jerk and a bum, “you ain’t got nowhere else to go anyway”. Bullshit. If you won’t deliver for me, you won’t get my vote or my money. It’s that simple. You won’t take my vote for granted.

  • bob


    That’s not a totally fair comparison. It’s more like telling an abuser that you should stick with the moderately abusive partner if your only other choice is going to someone who will attempt to rape and murder you on a daily basis. Yeah, it’d be better to get out of the abusive relationship completely, but it’s not a realistic option. I hate Democrats – I really do. But I hate Republicans more.

  • bob

    oops – I meant abuse victim, not abuser. And maybe it’s more like sticking with a partner who just sits on the couch all day and ignores your existence rather than the monster.

  • Cam

    We have local politicians who are republican and support us. We also have democrats who are opposed to us.

    Rather than blindly voting along party lines, people need to think for themselves and vote accordingly.

  • dizzle

    “people need to think for themselves and vote accordingly.”

    Exactly what the fuck are you talking about? Are you talking about all those congressional republican unicorns who love gays and are pro-equality? The magical leprechaun GOP senators who don’t literally strike fear into our community’s heart? HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU VOTE GOP. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU UNCLE TOM SELFISH, GREEDY, BENEDICT ARNOLD ASSHOLES. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

    I will **never** vote GOP as long as I live. As far as I’m concerned, what they’ve done is tantamount to gay genocide. Fuck all y’all and the horse you rode in on. I hope chris barron can’t get a bj to save his pathetic life. Supporting the most virulently anti-gay candidates known to man.

  • dizzle

    half these fucking people would ship us off to camps. Those kinds of camps. Not fat camps. Make no mistake, these people are Nazis and nazi sympathizers of the highest order. Montana GOP platform had a provision wanting to MAKE GAY ILLEGAL. A CRIME. IN AMERICA. IN 2010.


  • the crustybastard

    Cenk’s Argument Distilled: Don’t help the people that want to harm you, help the people who don’t want to help you.

    No. Not anymore.

    I reject both shitty choices, but I invite both parties to try to earn my vote.

    (Gee, I hope that’s okay with Cenk, since he’s decided it’s his business to tell me how I ought to vote.)

  • Kev C

    Cenk doesn’t get it. We are using the Dems to destroy the Republicans. Then we will destroy the Dems and rule the earth.

    Also, Kodos says Hi.

  • adman

    I agree with Kev C. We are either the wedge who will destroy “America” (as the middle brow breeder chodes on both sides see it), or our presence alone will destroy the American right wing. Yeah yeah, don’t vote R, like there’s an LGBT out there who hasn’t realized that? What about voting for a totally indifferent party who takes their cues from the R’s anyway? The political lag-time it takes for Dems to catch up with R’s these days is ridiculously small, and this fat headed Fred Flintstone looking motherf*cker telling me I don’t get it is just looking for a beat down out side of the club someday. Who knows, maybe the bitch-bred turd will like it, but then who cares? We have sacrifices to make, this is real. The hetero Dems? Their staying up nights working out how to get rid of us. Figure it the f*ck out already.

  • Markie-Mark

    @the crustybastard: Yea, Cenk is not the only one trying to tell us how to vote. There are a lot of trolls on here trying to tell me how to vote. No thanks. I’m Green and voting Green. Won’t vote for any Democraps every again. Wait ’till Cenk sees how gays vote in 2012 the the Democraps run this POS again.

  • Kamikapse

    I don’t care what Cenk thinks.. he’s a homophobic shitbag on a regular basis on TYT…

  • timncguy

    There can be a legitimate reason to vote for a republican in individual cases,

    First, if the candidates running in your district are BOTH anti-gay and share the same exact position on gay issues. Think republican running against blue-dog conservative democrat.

    Then your voting decision must be made on the other issues. I personally would still vote for the dem because I don’t agree with republicans on either social or fiscal issues. But, some gays may agree with republicans on fiscal issues. Then, finding no difference on gay issues, might choose to vote for the republican.

    I’m not saying that it’s right. But, some can justify it. there are democrats in both the House and the Senate who vote against gay equality. I have no doubt that there are democrats in the house who would vote for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Do you think gays should vote for that dem over anyone else just to try to keep Pelosi in charge?

    What some of you are really saying is that all gays should vote for the dems in all cases in order to help the dem party (overall) stay in power and to gain control of the two houses. You are saying that electing conserv-a-dems is a price we must pay in order to be in charge.

  • scott ny'er

    Yay Cenk.

    It’s simple. Lesser of 2 evils (if you believe the Dems suck). If you want to vote for another party, you’re possibly throwing it away AND voting in a Repub to office because it was a tight race.

    Overwhelmingly, most Repubs HATE US! Dems, not so much.

    You want to vote Rep, go ahead it’s a free country, but it won’t be after the Repubs are in office, so wave your rights good bye.

  • jason

    What the fuck is Uygur talking about? What a fucking moron! Choose to love? Lifestyle? Our orientation isn’t a fucking lifestyle nor do we choose it. It’s automatic, it’s us.

    As for voting Democrat, why should we? If the Democrats are only 10% better than the Republicans, I don’t see why we should vote for them 80% of the time.

  • Robert in NYC

    The Log Cabin group believes they can change their party from within. How delusional is that? Well now, can they tell us which bills they’ve introduced or intend to introduce affecting LGBT equality in a favorable light? Do tell us. What if the republicans filibuster DADT in lockstep 100% when it comes to the floor again? Who will take discredit and responsibility for voting against the democrats?

  • DG

    To Democrats. If you want to be elected, then do a better job. What a disappointment this ousted party has been. As the Dems have said repeatedly, “change is good.”

  • Jack Blair

    Says Mr. Uygur: “They don’t like your lifestyle. They don’t like who you choose to sleep with. They don’t like who you choose to love. They think you live in sin. How much clearer do they have to be?”

    Does Cenk think we don’t know this, or that all this has never occurred to us?

    He asserts that all other issues are overwhelmed by the fact that Republicans don’t like us.

    That’s his opinion. Many of us feel otherwise. Politics is not a matter of who likes whom. Personally, I couldn’t give less of a damn whether someone “likes” me or not. That is true to an exponential degree when it comes to what politicians think of me.

    [Fun Fact: Recall that Uncle Joe loved his “children.” They woke up every day with his name on their lips, and lived their lives with his visage constantly looking over them, watching out for them, caring for them. It sounds lovely – unless you know how the story ends. (O yes, I went there.]

    He wonders “what don’t [we]understand about this.” We’d like Mr. Uygur to actually take a minute and ask himself what he doesn’t understand about our position.

    There is an obvious disconnect – why would a gay man embrace the GOP?

    The problem is Mr. Uygur and his thinking, not those of us on the “conservative” side of the equation.

    Yes, the Republicans are “just not that into us.” Granted. But the Democrats can seem way too into us. In fact, sometimes it’s downright creepy.

    One extreme is just as bad as the other.

    “It is better to be feared than to be loved.” Call us the Machiavellian Queers. (Queer Machiavellians?)

    The GOP fears us. The Left “loves” us. No thanks – we’re not children looking for security and acceptance.

    In fact, from this standpoint, it makes sense that we should infiltrate the Right. It makes both sides fear us.

    Nicolo would be proud.

    Jack Blair

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