Chace Chased By Gals, Says “Spy”

What queer timing! As the blogs are gabbing about Chace Crawford and JC Chasez being gay live-in lovers, a “spy” tells NY Post (pictured) that the actor’s been getting down to lady business:

Chace Crawford had anything but girlfriend Carrie Underwood on his mind in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The Gossip Girl hunk was “surrounded by women” at Tao Friday night, and they were “dancing wildly and pawing on each other” and drinking Cristal and shots of Patron with former boybander JC Chasez.

Giants star Michael Strahan hosted the party. “People came to congratulate him on his Super Bowl win all night,” said our spy.

A hot young actor with gaggles of gals at an athletic hero’s party? That sounds like a publicist’s wet dream!