Chad Allen On Being Out In Hollywood

Chad Allen makes no secret of his gay ways. How can he? The actor got outed on a tabloid back in 1996!

Now that his closet’s been aired, Allen’s made a name for himself taking on gay roles other actors simply refuse to consider, like a starring role in The Little Dog Laughed.

So, does Allen expect Hollywood’s closet cases to come out. No, not really:

I don’t know how many people still do the beard thing; if they’re doing that, they’re not talking to me about it! Obviously, there’s still the perception that you can’t be a leading man in the movies if you’re gay. You can’t be Tom Cruise and be openly gay.

I know a lot of young gay actors who feel they don’t have to talk about it at all. Which is fine, but not if everyone makes that decision. How are we ever going to clear those final hurdles unless some people are willing to be openly gay?

Besides, if more people came out, Allen may get less gigs!

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