Chad Michaels Debuts New Web Series, 'Cher Tweets,' on WOWPresents

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RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season 1 winner, Chad Michaels, has just debuted ‘Cher Tweets,’ a playful new web series on the WOWPresents YouTube channel.

Chad Michaels, who stated during his season of Drag Race that he is “first and foremost a celebrity impersonator,” is known worldwide for his impersonation of the one-and-only Cher. In this new web series, Chad will be reading some of Cher’s most hilarious and outrageous tweets out loud in an attempt to tap into the mind of this legendary diva.

“I love Cher and I love Cher’s tweets!” said Chad. “Explore social media from a diva’s point of view.”

For the debut episode, which you can watch below, Chad finds tweets about how bad Cher is at Twitter and Cher’s connection to the sinking of the Titanic. Get ready to live, laugh, and love with Cher’s most memorable quips from Twitter.

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Cher Tweets with Chad Michaels – Bad Tweeter and The Titanic