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Chadwick Moore, gay writer who “came out” as conservative, tells his story to Tucker Carlson

On Monday, we told you about Chadwick Moore, a gay journalist who’s found himself on the receiving end of a backlash over what many saw as a puff piece on Milo Yiannopoulos.

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In a much-maligned New York Post story last weekend, Moore “came out” as a conservative in response.

Now, because negative attention can be a powerful drug, he’s made an appearance on FOX News.

Tucker Carlson describes him as “a gay journalist in Brooklyn” who “has done just about the bravest thing a gay Brooklyn journalist can do: he abandoned trendy lifestyle liberalism for something else.”

After painfully joking that he “left his scarlet letter at home,” Moore tells Carlson that gay liberals have “uncontrollable paranoia” when it comes to conservatives, and claims “journalists are terrified of these people.”

Moore argues gay people no longer have critical thinking skills, nor are they interested in viewpoints that don’t align with their own:

It’s death for gay people….I’ve also said that gay people are natural libertarians because we’ve existed so many times or for so long throughout history outside of acceptable society that the one thing we’ve always wanted was to be left alone by the government and by our neighbors essentially. And now the left has become completely puritanical and it’s completely off-putting.

There will be side-eye.


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  • Mo Bro

    How come Mr. Moore wasn’t nominated for a “Queertie”?
    He’s certainly the biggest and baddest of gay badasses.

    • James Hart

      I’m a gay libertarian, and I think there’s something wrong with this guy. A mature adult does not abandon everything he believes because a group of people don’t like him anymore. Weird guy.

    • Glitterstorm

      James Hart his political leanings aren’t “everything he believe in”.
      Political parties change and he, having found himself in the middle of a shift, seems to have decided that his party of choice’s new direction no longer matches up with some of his key personal beliefs.
      This as a result causes him to be in this “middle phase” until he can come to terms with it.
      Please stop making a political party a part of your identity – that’s incredibly dangerous to your ability to remain objective.


    LOL dis bitch milking it

    • James Hart

      As a gay libertarian, I must say that I wish Tucker were gay. I’ve seen him on TV since the ’90s when he was on Crossfire on CNN. He was cute then and he’s cute now. He’s aged well.

  • mhoffman953

    I’m not sure who this guy is or what he has done previously but he does make a valid point when he says that a majority of the gay community are not interested in viewpoints that don’t align with an extreme leftist point of view. I’ve seen it here and I’ve seen it while chatting with friends.

    If a gay person holds even a single conservative viewpoint, they’ll be ostracized and shamed for it. For instance, if someone is conservative regarding immigration related to extreme vetting and illegal immigration, most gays will think its outlandish and label that gay person as a bigot. Same goes for a different viewpoint regarding transgender individuals, gun rights, and many other issues.

    Our community likes to preach about diversity and acceptance, but they never seem to welcome a diversity of thought or even listen to opposing viewpoints with an open mind.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      But are you referring to real life, or to comments on gay sites like Queerty?

      I’ll say that gay sites are MUCH better with diversity of opinion than the doctrinaire left-wing sites, i.e. sites with mostly straight readers/posters and relatively few gay ones.

      I assume this is even more true of doctrinaire right-wing sites, which I haven’t seen much – maybe you have? – but when I’ve taken a look, I notice how anyone with a less-than-rabid POV is called a “RINO” or worse, and anyone who identifies himself as gay is called a f @ggot or worse.

      On lefty sites, anytime I made a disparaging remark about Muslims, or a positive remark about Bill Maher or Sam Harris, or (gasp) a joke about the poor poor pitiful “undocumented” immigrants, I was careful to immediately identify myself as GAY so I could fend off most (if not all) of the agonized wails of faux-outrage.

      In Queerty comments, I have been lambasted (rather inartfully) for “fat-shaming” and other violations of the SJW code, which I merely find amusing.

      But on a right-wing site, identifying yourself as gay isn’t going to help you, it’ll make things worse. You’ll just get called a [email protected] ggot.

    • nathan_dostal

      nope-conservative viewpoints are OK-its aligning yourself with a party that wants you dead, that rubs folk the wrong way

    • Mo Bro

      Fact-check, Nathan: It’s Islam that executes gays, not Christianity. Homework, dude, homework!

      @Heywood Jablowme:
      Glad to see you acknowledge that the left will eat its own, and that the only defense from such an attack is to claim you’re gay, or Muslim, or black, or a gay black Muslim, or any other shield that renders one untouchable by virtue of rabid political correctness.

    • FnameLname

      @ MoBro
      you wrote: Fact Check. “It’s Islam that executes gays, not Christianity. Homework, dude, homework!”
      Really? Christians don’t want us dead?
      How many ran to our rescue to assist us when thousands were dying of aids? How many came out after the Orlando massacre and said that it was God’s way of condemning our lifestyle? Yes radical Islam is just as dangerous but so is radical Christianity and they are both the extremists that would rather see us shipped off to a deserted island or thrown off of a six story building. One in the same.

    • Mo Bro

      Well, looks like it’s fact-checking time again . . .
      Muslims didn’t “run to our rescue to assist us when thousands were dying of aids,” either, in case you missed it. Neither did Jews. Or Buddhists. Or Taoists. So what’s your point? (However, to counter you claim, I’ve attached a link to an article showcasing the great altruistic work the Mormons did for AIDS sufferers during the 1980’s. I’m assuming you can respond with a similar article about Islam doing the same).
      It was a Muslim who pulled out a gun committed the Orlando murders, not a Christian, but your “logic” dictates you find fault in the response of Christianity? Um, yeah, okaaaaaay . . .
      How many times have you seen or heard of Christians executing us? The answer is zero, of course, while one can access hundreds of videos online of Muzzies pitching us off rooftops in cold blood.
      One in the same? How cute.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @Mo Bro: And you think that’s WORSE than what a right-wing site will do to you? They’ll call you a [email protected] ggot. That is all you are to them, a [email protected] ggot. They are not impressed that you’ve “rejected liberal ideology” or whatever you think you’re doing. They’ll always think you’re still just a [email protected] ggot.

      This is true of libertarians too. Check out – full of non-religious libertarians. They’ll call you and “James Hart” [email protected] ggots.

    • mhoffman953

      @Heywood When you say “And you think that’s WORSE than what a right-wing site will do to you?” I would agree with MoBro that, yes, being thrown off a building or being shot is worse than being called a [email protected] on the internet. People say mean words all the time on the internet as its a place to vent, some may even be trolling for laughs.

      Islam is a bigger threat to gays than Christianity. Sure, you won’t find 100% of people who agree with your lifestyle and there may be fringe groups in all walks of life who say hurtful things, but I haven’t seen any reports of Christians throwing gays off of rooftops, stoning them to death, or setting them on fire in the name of their religion and thinking this is acceptable and normal. Just look at how they treat women. They even hate American holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s day.

      But we’re getting off topic. The liberal left will desert any gay person (in fact any person for that matter) who does not conform to an extreme leftist point of view. You’ll see it in Hollywood and the media and you will see it in our own community. Post a hard conservative viewpoint on Facebook regarding immigration, trans rights, healthcare, gun rights, etc. and you will be attacked by a majority of your gay friends and liberal friends and they will un-friend you.

    • Mo Bro

      You have a much more level-headed way of phrasing things than I sometimes do, so thanks for your input.

      You’re absolutely wrong about conservatives rejecting us and calling us names. I know this from firsthand experience. Just because you keep saying it over and over does not make it true.

  • KaiserVonScheiss

    The left are incredibly intolerant of opposing views. What irks me, though, is lefties being called liberals when they have long since abandoned any form of liberalism.

    • FnameLname

      Only intolerant of ugly bigoted viewpoints that to give one community of people the ability to condemn another.

  • Enatai

    His is a non-substantive emotional appeal in which liberals and liberalism are bad because some people he identifies as such were mean to him over an article on a gay conservative. Apparently this caused him to reverse his political worldview overnight.

    Public gay conservatives tend to have a martyr complex in which they alone are the torch-bearers of a ‘true gayness’ that was lost when LGBT rights became officially recognized and mainstream thanks to liberals. Milo talks about this often, about how gay people are naturally contrarian (though not in those terms), so he’s the real gay hero for being offensive. Gay conservatives often claim they feel oppressed because they feel exiled from naturally politicized gay communities they feel entitled to be a part of.

    They are correct that they are ostracized and othered (I’m doing it now by referring to gay conservatives as ‘them’ like they’re monolithic), because all gay people in the US are old enough to remember a time when they were legally second-class citizens because of people championing conservative values. Lockstep politics among gay communities are direct responses to conservative social politics. It has been all of 18 months since Obergefell, gay conservatives should not act surprised that most gay people still hold liberal views and will act accordingly.

  • lauraspencer

    I had to laugh when OUT MAGAZINE was referred to as “left-wing”. It’s as left wing as Reader’s Digest these days.

    I do agree we need to get out of our bubbles. As a NYC, white, gay making a good living who has also lived in PA, OH, ND, I can see both sides of the issues. It seems many gays can not. How can we ask for people to understand us if we don’t try to understand them.

    We need to work on popping more bubbles and that starts with respect and listening.

    • cabe

      Everyone is in bubbles. A farmer in Iowa is in his own bubble as is the Southern Baptist in Alabama. In my experience traveling around the country as a sales rep, the Southern Baptist in Alabama or farmer in Iowa is less likely to imagine a world outside their very tiny homogenous bubble than the East or West Coaster, It has to do w. education level, I think.

  • Kieran

    One thing is certain, it took a lot more guts and courage for Chad to take a stand against the lock-step, intolerant gay mafia than it did for Merle Streep to perform her self-promoting rant against President Trump in front of a gaggle of Hollywood liberals.

    • nathan_dostal

      Nope-this guy is a nobody-hes just fame whoring on Milo’s crappy coattails

    • Mo Bro

      Bingo. Just as it’s more courageous for people like you or myself to post opinions on this site than it is for someone to, say, boycott Chick-fil-A, or trash the First Lady.

    • James Hart

      Maybe he just wants some free publicity.

    • JoeyRamone

      Yes, Mo Sis, you are so courageous! What a brave gurl you is!

    • Heywood Jablowme

      @Mo Bro: “Just as it’s more courageous for people like you or myself to post opinions on this site than it is for someone to, say, boycott Chick-fil-A, or trash the First Lady.”

      Maybe there is sarcasm or an attempt at “humor” in your comment that isn’t coming across. But if someone actually likes Chik-fil-A, but decides to boycott them for whatever reason, yeah it seems like that would be at least a bit of a sacrifice. (Personally I don’t know, they don’t have ’em where I live, so I’ve never been there.)

      I realize that Trump fans are unclear on how a boycott actually works, because they “boycott” Starbucks by actually buying stuff there! That’s hilarious. As for trashing the so-called First Lady, who has rejected that traditional role anyway and is in hiding in NYC, that’s merely fun.

      And how is it “courageous” for people like you and Kieran to post a lot of pseudonymous gibberish on this site? It costs you nothing. Is it a struggle for you somehow, looking up those really hard words in the thesaurus? Do explain!

  • James Hart

    It does sound odd, to say the least, that someone who just voted for Clinton would abandon his liberal views just because of some hostility from a small group of liberals.

    Something else is going on here. What? I don’t know. But people don’t usually act that way.

    • greybat

      Being a Conservative pays better.
      Working for Liberal Causes means doing a lot of Volunteer work!

  • Stilinski26

    He has his own opinion oh my god how dare he?…..

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