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Chai Feldblum Only Accidentally Supports Polygamy

Dr. Chai Feldblum

Whether it’s cute young gentleman claiming to be from HRC begging for our credit card number outside a grocery store or a gal standing outside Starbucks hoping we’ll sign her petition to legalize marijuana, there’s a reason we don’t sign our names to documents thrust in front of our faces: Because we never know what, exactly, we’re putting our names on. Just like Chai Feldblum, the lesbian Obama wants to become one of five chairs of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who now very much regrets attaching her name to a petition that supports polygamy.

Already the subject of the Family Research Council’s attack plan, Feldblum faced Senate confirmation hearings this week, where Iowa Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin (chair of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) quizzed her on a petition that supported “committed loving households in which there are more than one conjugal partner,” which to Harkin sounded an awful lot like advocating polygamy. Us too!

But Feldblum was quick to revoke her support: “‘I do not support polygamy,” she told Harkin. “‘I am sorry I signed that document and I have asked that my name be removed.” (It has yet to be.)

Not that Harkin was really attacking Feldblum. Quite the contrary. He appeared he was setting up an obvious out for Feldblum to rescind her support for the petition, and thus wave off any attacks from conservatives. Metro Weekly:

Harkin suggested that he and Feldblum, like many people in public life, often have petitions put in front of them with requests – from friends and colleagues — to sign on. Feldblum said that was the case with this statement. She said while she agreed with the ”general thrust” of the overall statement ”about support for the range of caregiving relationships,” the full statement ”goes beyond what I would have said and it was mistake to sign it.”

So remember, even if you never think you’ll one day hold public office, don’t sign your name to any random petition. Blank checks addressed to Queerty? Those are fine.