Chair of National Organization For Marriage Says Adoptive Parents, Like Justice John Roberts, “Second-Best Option”

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Sometimes NOM makes our job easy for us. It’s not even Friday and we’ve already got our Douche of the Week:

john-eastmanJohn Eastman, the chairman of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), has called Supreme Court Justice John Roberts the “second-best option” for his two adoptive children.

Considering Roberts will be hearing arguments on same-sex marriage this month, Eastman’s words weren’t just hateful and incorrect—they’re downright stupid.

Eastman (right) told the AP:

“You’re looking at what is the best course societywide to get you the optimal result in the widest variety of cases. That often is not open to people in individual cases. Certainly adoption in families headed, like Chief Roberts’ family is, by a heterosexual couple, is by far the second-best option.”

Because biological parents are always the best option? Roxxy Andrews might disagree—considering her birth mother abandoned her in a bus station when she was three.

We knew NOM was down on gays as parents, but we didn’t think they had a thing against heterosexual adoptive parents too. It’s a pretty stupid stance when you consider that Joseph adopted Jesus even though he wasn’t his biological father. You know who else has adopted children? Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court Justice Eastman actually clerked for after law school!

Guess when you’re preoccupied doing philosophical gymnastics to defend bigotry, you’ll throw adoptive families under the bus, too.

All together now: What a douche!