Challenging NYC’s Outdated Requirement Trans Residents Swap Genitals To Amend Birth Certificates

Reasonable thinking people would look at New York City’s requirement that trans residents have genital surgery in order to change their official sex and think it’s ridiculous, because hello, that type of surgery is ridiculously expensive and, uh, turning your penis into a vagina, or vice versa, should not be what determines your government-approved gender identity. But current NYC health code requires “convertive surgery” to change the sex on a birth certificate, and the quickest way to strike it down it appears to be a lawsuit. So that’s what Sam Berkley and Joann Marie Prinzivalli are doing, filing a case against the city and its bogus requirement that, in addition to being costly (and not covered by many insurance plans) may be medically unwise for some trans men and women because of the health risks. A letter from a doctor, the suit argues, is all that should be required. And I’m sort of like: if even that.