Champion Swimmer Nathan Adrian Split His Suit But Still Topped Michael Phelps

That cool breeze swimmer Nathan Adrian felt Thursday night at the Indy Grand Prix competition was the air against his bare butt: Juts as Adrian was about to launch off the starting block into the water, his Speedo FS3 swimsuit tore down the back, leaving his posterior exposed to fans (and cameras).

The torn suit gave Adrian more drag than usual but he still finished the 100-meter freestyle in 48.62 seconds, narrowly beating Olympic legend Michael Phelps. Though Adrian laughed off the incident, he told reporters “bending over on the block and hearing the snap is never a comfortable feeling.”

We beg to differ, sir.

Source: SwimSwam

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  • DouggSeven

    Do I detect a slight…ahh, nevermind. He looks like a nice person with a humble attitude over an unfortunate situation. Probably gained a whole new fan base which can only help his popularity/endorsement future.

  • arjuna52

    “My whole butt crack.”

  • Seattle Mike

    You would think he would be pleased with the additional “exposure” that this has
    brought him. :-)

  • Cam

    Frankly, I’ve always thought the suits were a bit of B.S. he beat phelps with extra drag. AND the new suits cover them up so much it isn’t fun to watch anymore.

  • Bob

    Baby Got Back apparently.

  • Steve

    In recent years, swimmers have adopted high-tech swimsuits that work by reducing drag. These suits are extremely expensive. The swimmers that are able to afford them gain an artificial advantage over swimmers that cannot. The swimming suits give an unfair advantage to certain swimmers. In the interest of fair competition, swimming suits should be banned.

    I am sure the ban would also help the TV ratings of the swimming competitions.

  • John M

    He topped Michael? Had a feeling that big boy was a bottom…….

  • wait what


    You must not know the first thing about these suits: teams get them incredibly cheap. Most college programs get them for free, while a lot of club and highschoolers get them at extremely low prices. If you pay full price for one of these, “you’re doing it wrong”.

    And in case you didn’t know, all body suits and leg suits have been banned, along with the rubber material used a few years ago in LZR’s and Blueseventy’s.

    If it takes a SUIT to make you a better swimmer, then you’re probably at the most elite level. It’s ridiculous when age-group and high school swimmers blame all of their failures on the suits; Im sure their shitty turns and kick didn’t hurt them at all.

    Source: 10 years in the sports at the National and NCAA level.

  • Atlas

    @wait what: Way to ruin a joke, man.

  • Atlas

    @John M: I know, I called that years ago.

  • Kasnar

    Undoubtedly Queerty posts stories/news like this for azz-crazy, butt men like me. Before seeing the video, I was already visualizing what his posterior parts might look like. Seeing how cute and good-humored he was just made the situation worse. He’s won a new fan.
    Ironically, those swimsuits look a lot like the boxer briefs I wear –UNDER gym shorts — to cycle to the gym to avoid chafing and too much “exposure” while at the gym. Didn’t quite work out that way for ya, sob….;-P

  • Albert Candelaria

    It’s been a while but I believe, if you check the rulebook, he should have been disqualified.

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