Body. Language.

Your chances of getting laid are better if you’re bilingual than if you have a six pack, study finds

Looking for a way to impress your next date? A new study has found that being bilingual, or having an Irish, Australian, or Russian accent can definitely help!

A new study of 6,000 singles from the U.K. produced illuminating results.  The study was produced by dating service EliteSingles and languages app Babbel and was conducted across 11 countries in total.

Researchers found that 96% of people would rather date a person who speaks multiple languages than someone with a rock hard gym bod.

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That number is even higher for gay and bisexual men, with 99% reporting they prize brains over beauty.

So which languages do people find the sexiest?

Gay men said both French and Italian were equally sexually, with each language getting a 60% approval rating. No other languages even came close, a spokesperson said.

As for bi men, 80% approved Irish as the hottest accent, followed by Australian and then Russian, which both landed at 40%.

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EliteSingles spokesperson Michael Middleton, who also identifies as a gay man, tells Gay Star News, “The stereotype of the body image-centric gay man is – finally – officially quashed. In attractiveness stakes, language learning wins out against 6-packs.”

He added, “I know how I’ll be spending my 2018! Is there still time to cancel my gym membership?”

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