Channing Tatum Is The Best SNL Host Ever—And We Didn’t Even Watch!


We’re going to being seeing a lot of Channing Tatum soon, with Battleship, G.I. Joe and Magic Mike all in various stages of completion.

But we won’t see a whole lot more of his body than was on display this weekend on Saturday Night Live. We didn’t see the episode live but thanks to and we did get to see Tatum doing what he does best—strip—in scene after scene after scene.

Our spies told us his skits were kinda duds, but the boy is awful sweet and he tries hard. And it’s not he thinks he’s Olivier or anything:  “I know I’m not the best actor, but I hope my characters are getting better.” Tatum told Details in January.

Click through of Channing Tatum baring flesh on Saturday Night Live

Images: NBC Entertainment