Fill 'er up

Channing Tatum surprises grateful gas station attendant Beatrice with slinky “Magic Mike” routine

Working in a gas station convenience store can be such a slog: stocking up Sun Chips and Puddin’ Cakes; gently telling meth-heads the bathroom’s for customers only; disgruntled travelers haughtily flinging Discover cards at you…

A surprise cameo by Channing Tatum certainly breaks up that monotony. One lucky employee at a Sunoco gas station in North Carolina was treated to an impromptu Magic Mike dance routine by the actor after he popped in to grab an iced coffee and some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

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Though he regrettably keeps his shirt on, Tatum nonetheless adds a bit of friskiness to Beatrice’s day, twerking through the aisles and giving her a Logan Lucky cap to help promote his new Steven Soderbergh-directed film.

After cranking the music up, Beatrice busts a few moves of her own, proving she can shake it with the best of ’em.