Chapman University Alumnus Hates That NOM’s New President Taught There

Not everyone from Chapman University likes the fact that their school’s law professor John Eastman has become the National Organization for Marriage’s new president. In fact one alumnus has started a campaign asking Chapman students to contact the school’s Dean, Chancellors, and President to decry Eastman’s affiliation with the school.

The website’s creator sent us an e-mail saying:

I’m outraged that my alma mater is affiliating itself with a bigoted and close-minded group like NOM. I’ve had my problems with Chapman but the school’s community is very open, accepting, and gay-friendly– but only because people have worked to make it that way. I’m attempting to organize a letter-writing campaign to Chapman’s Dean, Chancellors and President about Eastman’s new role as the head of NOM. I don’t want my college forever linked to this hateful organization.

The actual site asks:

“Did you go to Chapman? Do you remember the “Citizens of the World” mantra they told you? The lip service to equality, inclusiveness, and diversity? Chapman is a school very concerned about its image and prestige. This will be an embarrassment if we make it an embarrassment. Write an email. Contact someone.”

Heck. We wanna write a letter and we didn’t even attend. Maybe someone at Yale should start a similar campaign against Michael Medved.