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Charles M. Blow puts white gays who voted for Trump on megablast

Author and New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow did not hold back after learning just how many LGBTQ voters cast their ballots for Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Exit surveys conduced by Edison Research for the National Election Pool found that 28%–28%!–of the LGBTQ vote went to Trump. That’s up from 14% in 2016.

“The percentage of LGBT voting for Trump doubled from 2016. DOUBLED!!!” Blow tweeted. “This is why LGBT people of color don’t really trust the white gays. Yes, I said what I said. Period.”

After receiving backlash for his remarks, Blow, who is bisexual, followed up with another tweet, saying, “And, for you boys — BOYS — who think homophobic slurs hurt me: hahahaha. I’ve been invincible longer than your body has been excreting hormones.”

So why did such a large number of LGBTQ people vote for the bigot who has spent the past four years actively working to take away their rights?

Good question!

But a recent study out of the Williams Institute could explain it. It found that 41% of LGB Republicans say they wish they were straight, and 38% of them believe their sexuality is a character flaw.

Whatever the reason, Blow is right. This election has shown us that LGBTQ people still have a lot of work to do when it comes to confronting race and racism within our own community.

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