Charles Perez Gets a 500-Foot Reprieve From His Career-Ruining Ex


Dennis Ricardo Peña must stay at least 500 feet away from his ex-partner for the next two years. And who’s his ex-partner? Oh just a certain fired Miami news anchor named Charles Perez.

The ex-newscaster, who’s embroiled in legal action against WPLG-ABC 10, won a restraining order against Peña (pictured, below), who Perez claims verbally and sexually assaulted him. Oh, and not to mention he thinks it’s Peña who leaked an email to his therapist (about his “gender identity”) to colleagues and everyone else in his contacts list.

But it looks like Perez’s woes aren’t over. Out of a job, he’s also about to lose the South Beach condo he bought with Peña. Or maybe he wants to hand it back to the banks because, well, who does like living in the same place they shared with their violent ex?


The two men began an on-again, off-again relationship in February 2006 in New York, while Perez was a TV anchor at WABC. Peña moved to South Florida when Perez accepted a reporting-anchor job at Channel 10. They broke up in August 2008, a few months after Perez succeeded Dwight Lauderdale as weeknight news anchor with Laurie Jennings.

Perez and Peña co-own a South Beach condo. Perez bought it for $435,000 in October 2006 and later added Peña to the title with “joint rights of survivorship.”

Perez told Figarola that he still owes about $435,000 on the Sunset Harbor condo in Miami Beach and that it is now assessed for tax purposes at under $294,000. Figarola awarded possession of the unit to Perez, who said he plans to give it “back to the bank.”

Since their final breakup a year ago, Perez and Peña have fought over ownership. Perez told Figarola that Peña threatened him physically and said he would ruin him professionally.

Done. And done.