Charlie Crist Makes For Great Gossip

The national election may be the best thing to happen to Charlie Crist‘s visibility. With speculation that Crist could run as John McCain’s vice-president, the press, pundits and regular joes seem to have an unprecedented fascination with the Floridian governor. And, considering chatter that he’s a closet case, the politico’s personal life gets a fair amount of attention. From journo Deborah Solomon’s chat with the 51-year old:

DS: You were married nearly 30 years ago, but the marriage lasted less than a year. Do you prefer living alone?
CC: I got married and divorced because it didn’t work out. I haven’t found the right one since. It’s really that simple.

DS:You can’t find one woman in all of Florida?
CC:Maybe I have. Stay tuned.

Could Crist be referring to politically convenient girlfriend Carole Rome? If so, she’s not from Florida, but from New York. Could there be another lady on the back burner?! We doubt it.

On a political note, Crist and Solomon also discuss Crist’s penchant for bipartisanship and notable breaks with his Republican peers, like on stem-cell research, which he supports. His response: “I think it is common sense to pay attention to what is happening in science. My father is a physician, my sister is a physician and I try to be enlightened on things that might extend and create productive life.” If Crist is so into “productive life,” why does he continue to oppose gay adoptions? Do such things not count as “productive?”