Charlie Crist Outed By Gubernatorial Adversary

We don’t know how we missed this story, but we did. Sorry.

It looks like the aftermath of the Foley scandal’s found its first victim in the form of Florida AG and gubernatorial hopeful, Charlie Crist
(pictured, no doubt saying he loves ladies). Yakking it up on a radio show on Wednesday (aka: National Coming Out Day) an Independent gubernatorial candidate, Max Linn, called out: “Charlie come out, come out from wherever you are.” He also insisted that he’s known about Crist’s homo ways for years.

And, as with so many other politicians, Crist’s been under the gay microscope since the beginning of his career, yet continually insisted he’s down with vagina, not dick. As recently as August of this year, Crist said:

The point is, I’m not. There’s the answer. How do you like it?… Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as they say on Seinfeld. But I just happen not to be.

Crist’s campaign office had no comment on Linn’s radio outing. Of course they have no comment: they can’t come out and say Crist’s a big fat liar.

Also, can we just bring up the fact that Crist hails from Florida, the same state that gave us disgraced pol/pervo, Mark Foley. What the fuck’s going on there? We welcome your theories, rants, and speculation.