Charlie Horsing Around

British-born actor Charlie Hunnam starred in the original English version of Queer as Folk. He progressed from the box office poison of Nicholas Nickleby to star alongside Jude Law in Cold Mountain. More recently, he and Elijah Wood roughed it up with each other in Green Street Hooligans.

Charlie Hunnam

Queerty readers will recall that Elijah Wood thinks the web site “outing” him is hilarious. What of this Charlie Hunnam, though? Is she, or isn’t she? Does her hairdresser know for sure?

Charlie met Katherine Towne during an audition for Dawson’s Creek. They married and divorced. He is said to live in L.A. with his two cats Mavis and George.

Here is what Charlie says about having posed for Attitude: “Oh it’s horrific. I can’t even believe it. And you know what the one thing is that’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life? When Queer as Folk first came out they asked me to do a photo-shoot for Attitude magazine, and I thought it’d be really ironic to do these really camp poses where I’m like pouting and stuff. And now I look back and in retrospect it wasn’t so funny. I’m haunted by those fucking images.”

Charlie provides interesting details about the making of Queer as Folk: “With Queer as Folk we filmed all the sex scenes right at the start of the shoot so I spent a day and a half lying around butt naked, being smeared with Vaseline, sprayed with water and taking tips from Russell (the director) on how to bugger convincingly. It was pretty surreal. I remember at one point there being like this huge debate on the consistency of the cum that Stuart flicks off his hand in the first show – they ended up mixing shampoo and conditioner.”

Finally, Charlie disappoints: “They ask: Are you gay? To which I reply no. And then, what was it like doing gay sex scenes as a straight actor? To which I reply… no different from doing straight sex scenes. There’s no feeling there and it’s really weird with everyone standing around watching.”