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Charlie Puth’s latest thirst trap provides a peek at one of his most private places

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Charlie Puth, you’ve done it again!

Just when we think the pop star can’t get any thirstier, he goes ahead and posts another nearly nude pic on Twitter. At this point, he’s dropped more thirst trap than he has singles (not that we’re complaining)—and that’s saying something, considering he’s a pretty prolific songwriter.

The latest came early this morning, waking the internet right up with a provocative mirror shot that just might be his most revealing yet. Have a look for yourself—and be sure to click on the image for the full picture:

Now, it’s not that we’ve never seen Puth in his undies before; no, the “Light Switch” musician’s given us plenty of that.

It’s that he’s giving fans a rather intimate look at his bathroom counter! Typically the most private of places, Puth has no qualms providing a peek at the toiletries strewn about his sink: Some meds, some lotions and creams—it’s all hanging out, for anyone to see.

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The man has nothing to hide. Or just forgot he had the option to crop.

Clearly a student of the “just post your thirst trap and go” method, Puth shared the photo on Twitter sans context, which certainly grabbed our… attention. Not a caption in sight!

But the unspoken context here is that this comes just days after his new single, “Smells Like Me,” and he sure knows how to use social media to promote his music.

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“Smells Like Me” is an early cut from Puth’s impending third studio album, the self-titled Charlie, which Queerty‘s own Charlie Grey called a “perfectly fun sadboy bop.”

And while we anxiously await an accompanying music video for the track—likely more flirty visuals to send his fans into a tizzy—we’ll just have to hit play on the song as we stare (respectfully) at today’s photo.

As ever, Gay Twitter™ is all worked up about Puth’s shameless selfie and is all up in his mentions. Here are just a few of our favorite takes:

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