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WOW: Nebraska Lesbian Accused Of Faking Own Hate Crime Attack

Charlie Rogers, a 33-year-old lesbian from Lincoln, Nebraska who claimed three men broke into her home and physically scarred her before trying to burn down her house last month, has been accused of faking the attack in hopes it would spark change.

Rogers pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to filing a false police report and, according to her attorney Brett Arthur, maintains that the attack happened.

But police chief Jim Peschong pointed to several pieces of incriminating evidence that undermine Rogers’ version of the events:

According to Peschong, police found a pile of clothes, white knit gloves and a red box cutter on the living room floor after the alleged attack. Rogers said the gloves didn’t belong to her, but investigators determined that a lot of the DNA found inside the glove was Rogers’ and that none of it came from a male.

Peschong said investigators discovered that Rogers deleted numerous text messages she had sent the evening of the alleged attack, and that she bought cotton gloves, a box cutter and zip ties from an Ace Hardware Store in Lincoln on July 17. All of the items were later found in her house, he said. When confronted about the evidence weeks later, he said, Rogers admitted to purchasing all of the items except the gloves.

She also sent a photo of a cross-shaped cut on her chest to a friend a few days before the reported attack, Peschong said.

Investigators say they found no apparent sign of a struggle in the living room where Rogers said she was attacked, and no blood on the sheets where the cutting allegedly took place. An FBI forensic pathologist concluded that Rogers either cut herself, or allowed someone else to do it.

Rogers also posted a message on her Facebook four days before the attack that authorities speculate provide the motivation behind her actions: “So maybe I am too idealistic, but I believe way deep inside me that we can make things better for everyone. I will be a catalyst. I will do what it takes. I will. Watch me.”

Lincoln, at the time, had been embroiled in a heated debate over a city ordinance that would ban discrimination against LGBT people. The ordinance passed City Council but two conservative groups gathered enough signatures to force a popular vote before the ordinance could go into effect.

Faking your own gay bashing seems to be a disturbing new trend after Joseph Baken pleaded guilty to doing just that earlier this month. The main difference is that Baken’s wounds were the result of a fairly idiotic accident, whereas — should she be found guilty — Rogers inflicted, or had someone else inflict, serious damage to her own body. Which is almost as disturbing as if the attack were real in itself. But desperation can lead one to desperate measures. What is the world coming to when someone has to — allegedly — fake their own hate crime to make a point?

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  • Kev C

    I wish people would cut this shit out. We have enough real attacks, we don’t need fake ones.

  • Cam

    This is LESTER BRATHWAITE’s Second article on a fake gay bashing. Combine that with his posts on Peodophiles painting them as gay news, and one where he paints gays as the bullies and anti-gay folks as victims and I have to question his motives.

    An occasional report like this I get. But when the majority of your posts are always painting the gay community in a bad light. Combined with Queerty’s refusal to report on the multitude of anti-gay or pro-gay legislation etc… going on, this starts to look very very odd.

  • Neo

    Queerty has a long standing agreement with the Mormons, they front tons of advertising money.

    A quick scan of the advertising monitors on this site yields an odd result.

    Outbrain are a right wing behaviour identity advertiser and sponsor: is their number one asset in the USA.

    On another note anyway I heartily suggest everyone install Ghostery as it allows complete opt-out of all these advertisers.

  • Ridpathos

    @KevinC: I agree. What the hell is with people faking their attacks?

  • ScaryRussianHeather


    Really. It took me 30 seconds to see two recent fake gay assault/bash stories were by Dan Avery and Braithwaite just wrote the story of the gay adoption dads last week.

    Maybe you should volunteer to be the affirmative action police on Queerty to make sure EVERYONE gets the EXACT SAME number of stories in the right “categories”.

  • Cam


    Gee, what a shock, Scary Russian Heather, comes on here screaming about something but deflects from the main point.

    Heather, if you are correct….the funny thing was, you leave out the part where, Lester DID write the other stories I mentioned, AND he also wrote this one.

    Additionally, you seem to have missed NEO’s post that says Queerty is taking large amounts of money from right wing anti-gay groups.

    But then again, that wouldn’t matter to you, you just like to yell.

    Oh, and by the way, you may want to check, I have pointed out multiple times Dan Avery’s obsession with trying to insert his views on the mid-east into as many stories as possible.

  • Lesbian Conservative

    She should be charged with more than a misdemeanor. Anyone who uses hate crime laws in an attempt to smear and slander members of another demographic group, aka straight men, should serve jail time.

    And maybe before running to the streets with their vigils and demonstrations, the LGBT might wait until the police actually conduct an investigation. But of course, all these demos have less to do with support for the so-called victim and more to do with making political hay out of a single individual incident.

    Enjoy all the political pandering while it lasts, boys and girls, because a lot of folks are really getting sick and tired of listening to a bunch of mostly white middle-class whiners pretending to be oppressed.

  • Cam

    @Lesbian Conservative:

    Another liar PRETENDING to be gay.

    Gee, lets see, you’ve never made a comment before, and then you come in here basically saying “You People”. Nice try troll.

    Next time if you’re going to pretend to be an actual lesbian you may want to be less obvious.

    Hopefully NOM pays you by the hour and not by the post…becuase if they don’t you didn’t earn much today.

  • sandyc954

    There is a not guilty plea and innocent until proven guilty remains in the U.S.

    That said, I want this to stop, nobody wants PRETEND gay bashing, we have enough REAL gay bashing as it is. I have been the recipient of it, although not seriously injured.

    I do not condone staged hate crimes, call for them to never again occur. Both real and staged, as one person already admitted. Shame. This one has not admitted, nor found guilty.

    It’s not going to help a thing to make false claims.

    And yea No. 8 the No. 7 is a phony, but I’m just here for the first time.

  • Neo

    @Cam: I did say registration would pose no obstacle to these people, the same group have been hardcore for over a decade [they are based in South Carolina], these little things like registration are nothing, they are paid to troll these sites.

    The only way is approved registration and pro-active moderation.

  • sandyc954

    @Neo: Yes, paid trolling is probably one of those online “earn money from home” jobs that is spammed, just spamming the comments under a cloak. There are concern trolls that sound fairly realistic, but this one is not credible.

  • Freddie27

    Can Cam/Neo (same person) please be banned Queerty? They have an unhealthy obsession with the Mormons.

  • Cam


    Interesting Freddie, I said “Right Wing Groups” in my posts. Funny how YOU assumed Mormons and yet I’m the one with an obsession?

    Lastly, Gays aren’t the one trying to pass laws preventing Mormons from having civil rights. It would seem that they have the obsession with us wouldn’t it?

    But thanks for making it obvious that you are a defender of gay bashers and people who fund attacks on us. Weird that pointing out that they are anti-gay would upset you so much unless you agree with them.

  • GeriHew

    @Cam: Well this story is a follow up on this:

    Queerty originally reported this as a real hate crime. So now that there is serious cause for doubt they need to report on that too.

    Also, I hate to say it but, when several men attack a woman for being gay rape is almost inevitably going to occur, or at least be attempted. The fact that the alleged victim didn’t report any sexual assault or attempted sexual assault as such was bound to make the police suspicious that she may have faked the attack on herself.

  • Cam


    Hi Freddie,

    I’m not saying that the story is illigitimate. I’m saying that their choice of what to report on has become suspect.

    There are multiple bills being pushed now, and attacks funded by NOM etc… and yet we seem to continually get articles that make gays look bad.

    I.E. if Fox news reports the stories they report on correctly, but only report stories favorable to the GOP, they are still influencing the news. They don’t have to lie, they just have to adjust the stories they decide to report on. That was what I’m saying on Queerty.

  • GeriHew

    @Cam: I’m not Freddie. I’ve only ever posted on Queerty as GeriHew & Geri. GeriHew was my original member name, but for ages I couldn’t login. So I’ve just been posting as Geri for the last year or so. The login problem got fixed last week.

    If Queerty’s choice of what to report on has become suspect I can’t see that can apply to this story. This case was first reported here as a hate crime against a lesbian. Now it seems she may have faked the attack on herself. It would be much more suspect if Queerty had ignored this unexpected twist in the story and just gone quiet on the while thing.

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