ChatRoulette Goes Gay: Introducing ManRoulette, Putting the Variety In Skype Sex

Honestly, we’re surprised it took so long. So if you have a few minutes to take a break from Grindr, please begin logging on to ManRoulette, engaging in inappropriate behavior, capturing screenshots, and emailing them to us.

So far, ManRoulette is meeting obvious expectations: While ChatRoulette delivered exposed penises in three out of 15 connections, ManRoulette has delivered six out of ten.

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  • Qjersey

    oh great, there goes my afternoon.

  • fredo777

    lol that’s actually a pretty smart idea. niche, niche, niche

    *thinks of other possible Roulette audiences*

  • Scott

    OMG this is the ultimate time waster…

    Though I had a guy in College in the States as me if Toronto was in Canada…sigh.

  • aalan brickman

    whats wrong with canada? very shallow…

  • nick

    that person wasn’t saying there is anything wrong with canada or toronto, but rather, the “sigh” is meant to express frustration that someone from the US wouldn’t know what country toronto is in.

  • fredo777

    hmm…i wonder why in the hell my last comment was auto-flagged.

  • terrwill

    @fredo777: I been getting that recently also. I think they have autoflagged certain words. However if you send an email to Hasselib and co. asking for some info don’t ever expect a reply. They seem to forget that in an indirect way we are customers of their business………

  • Republican

    Not trying to be an ass, but what proud gay guy would use this site? It seems like a site for married closet cases and trolls.

    I suspected that from the very start, but I gave it a quick try just to be sure. I ended up clicking ‘next’ almost as fast as I could. Why? Besides the creepers, it seemed like hardly anyone was showing his face. I don’t know about you, but it’s quite weird to me to see nothing but a body on the screen. I’m one who thinks a great body can sometimes make up for a so-so face, but that doesn’t mean I want to see headless men, LOL.

  • Space Jesus

    anyone heard of cam4? lol

  • zack

    i did something bad on that web site.was it recorded? what’s their policy?
    i sense a follow up?

  • Jonathan

    I’m so addicted to this. Between the dicks are some really cool people, and some of the dicks aren’t bad!

  • harvey

    seems like just another take on guyswithiphones to me….

  • prince mark

    i willreally like 2 hav a gay partner.

  • prince mark

    really cool 2 kno gays ar coming outta d closet. pls. can u link me wit a whealthy gay guy from johannesburg, south africa.

  • daniel

    @republican, if you see the bright side this is way healthier than random guys sucking each other cock on a random bathroom or any random place, its cleaner and safer. what I would like to know is if they record all those guys jerking off and what they do with those videos…. (?)

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