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Chaz Bono To Trans Kids: ‘Hang In There’

You’re already well aware of the It Gets Better Project, and you know where to go if you want to find some videos to share with friends. But this entry from Chaz Bono is one of few from our big name transgender brother and sisters, and is a wonderful contribution for youth struggling with their gender identity. We saw Candis Cayne for a hot minute in one clip. More like this please.

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    Chazz, thanks for the vid. However you still need to ‘splain your response to the question asked of you when you first came out as trans. You were asked “How would you and your partner like to be treated?” You replied: “Just like any other straight couple“………..

  • nelson

    Never did lose that weight.

  • missanthrope

    “You were asked “How would you and your partner like to be treated?” You replied: “Just like any other straight couple”………”

    Ummm, that’s pretty self-explanatory, because trans people who date the opposite sex are straight.

    Or are you talking about his newly-found access to straight privilege? Yeah he does have that. But there’s nothing wrong with a straight person wanting to be recognized as straight as long as they aren’t using their privilege to put down queer people, I don’t think he’s doing that. He was trying to explain (probably badly) how identifying as a man made his relationship a straight one.

  • Fitz

    I’m sorry… i just don’t think Chaz is someone I would want to grow up to be, or be near. All I know of him is from media, but he seems so miserable and flaky. There must be better trans people to bring forward for the kids.

  • Mark

    I love Chaz.
    Granted it’s for shallow reasons (namely his mother).
    How I love the Cher!

  • frye

    So good to hear from “never was gay” Chaz. Yeah, things do get better. All you have to do is change your sex and become straight.

  • Tori

    @frye: Yeah that’s why people transition, from shame of being gay.You sound really ignorant.

  • BenR

    @Fitz: Interestingly, I feel the same about you.

  • BenR

    @frye: If you really think that being out as trans is any easier in this society than being out as gay, then you really are dumber than you sound.

    And that’s saying something.

    It’s estimated that one in twelve trans people are murdered. A huge number of trans people lose their jobs when they transition. I would never say that there is no discrimination or violence perpetrated against gay people, but to try to equate the two is simply absurd on its face. Most trans people, but especially trans people before or in the midst of transition, or people who are “out” about it, face many more challenges than any run-of-the-mill gay person ever will.

    So, again, to insinuate that Chaz transitioned because life was too rough as an out lesbian is pathetically stupid. Seriously.

  • Geoff

    She, I mean he scares me. He should work on his personal health issue before becoming a ‘gay’ role model. This parade of publicity seeking ‘stars’ jumping on the bully bandwagon is revolting.

  • kyals


    … it’s *he*, respect his identity and stop being an idiot. Trans identities are not for your interpretation. Will I need to start acting like you being gay is a choice and ur -really- not? (just like ur insinuating about him). Oh a little insulting?

    Also you seem to be acting entitled eh? Ever consider he made it in support of TRANS people and not ‘gay’ as you said? We suffer bullying too and all that.

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