Chaz Bono To Transform New Season of Dancing With The Stars

There’s been a clamor for a same-sex couple on Dancing With the Stars for a few seasons now, at least since 2008, when Lance Bass samba-ed across the ABC sound stage.

We might still be waiting for boy-boy or girl-girl partners, but new ground was broken last night when the network announced trans author and activist Chaz Bono (right, with girlfriend Jennifer Elia) will be on the show’s 13th season, debuting September 19.

Chaz’s fellow non-professional dancers are an interesting mix that includes pro athletes Ron Artest and Hope Solo; reality stars Robert Kardashian, Carson Kressley (another LGBT hoofer!) and Kristin Cavallari; actors Chynna Phillips, David Arquette and J.R. Martinez; and Clooney castoff Elisabetta Canalis.

We’re totally stoked for Chaz. He’s battled weight issues as an adult, but Kirstie Alley proved the show can be a great motivator for getting in shape. And even if he’s knocked out of the competition early, his inclusion means millions of Americans will see a trans man can have two left feet, just like them.

After the lineup was announced during ABC’s Bachelor Pad , Chaz tweeted his enthusiasm:  “I so happy to final[y] confirm that I am doing DWTS this season and I couldn’t be more excited about it.”

We’re also totally stoked about two other contestants on the show: Ricki Lake and Nancy Grace.

Lake because we used to watch her talk show when we were in little. And Grace because we’re pretty sure she’ll swoop down like a condor on competing couples and rend the flesh from their bones.


Dancing with the Stars debuts September 19 at 8pm on ABC

Image via OWN