Chaz Bono To Transform New Season of Dancing With The Stars

There’s been a clamor for a same-sex couple on Dancing With the Stars for a few seasons now, at least since 2008, when Lance Bass samba-ed across the ABC sound stage.

We might still be waiting for boy-boy or girl-girl partners, but new ground was broken last night when the network announced trans author and activist Chaz Bono (right, with girlfriend Jennifer Elia) will be on the show’s 13th season, debuting September 19.

Chaz’s fellow non-professional dancers are an interesting mix that includes pro athletes Ron Artest and Hope Solo; reality stars Robert Kardashian, Carson Kressley (another LGBT hoofer!) and Kristin Cavallari; actors Chynna Phillips, David Arquette and J.R. Martinez; and Clooney castoff Elisabetta Canalis.

We’re totally stoked for Chaz. He’s battled weight issues as an adult, but Kirstie Alley proved the show can be a great motivator for getting in shape. And even if he’s knocked out of the competition early, his inclusion means millions of Americans will see a trans man can have two left feet, just like them.

After the lineup was announced during ABC’s Bachelor Pad , Chaz tweeted his enthusiasm:  “I so happy to final[y] confirm that I am doing DWTS this season and I couldn’t be more excited about it.”

We’re also totally stoked about two other contestants on the show: Ricki Lake and Nancy Grace.

Lake because we used to watch her talk show when we were in little. And Grace because we’re pretty sure she’ll swoop down like a condor on competing couples and rend the flesh from their bones.


Dancing with the Stars debuts September 19 at 8pm on ABC

Image via OWN

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  • EdWoody

    I suppose you could say he “battled weight issues,” but I never really got the impression he cared how much weight he put on, and was happier being big. Even so, yay for more gays and trans folks. Although I stopped watching the show years ago after they stopped actually dancing so much as just faffing about in sequins.

  • milhouse

    I thought it was dancing with the “stars” not Grade-Z wannabe celebrities.

  • MikeE

    @milhouse: LOL I was going to post the exact same thing.
    I’d even add I thought the show was supposed to be DANCING with the stars, not standing around while a professional dancer does all the work, and the “star” jiggles their butt to the music.

    I’d much rather watch “So You Think You Can Dance” than this tripe.

  • MikeE

    Oh! and “So you Think You Can Dance” is a hell of a lot gayer than “Dancing with the Stars” (even if those male dancers all TRY to butch it up and smile for the screaming teenage girls in the audience)

  • Tony

    For pete’s sake, can Chaz go away now?? We got it..you’re a man!!

  • BigStella

    I do not care about Chaz at all. WHO CARES !!!! Yeah, I want to spend my time watching a 300 lb plus person waddle around on a stage. NOT !!!! Go Away !!!!

    I think it is funny that DWTS said earlier this year they wanted to get more A list stars. HA HA HA…. That did not happen these are not even D list stars. What a group of losers…

  • jason

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for two men to dance together as partners on Dancing With The Stars. Most of the producers on the show are known homophobes.

  • Cam

    So you think you can Dance isn’t as gay friendly as some would think.

    There was one audition where one of the judges, Sonya, a woman with a mohawk, piercings, tattoos, etc… basically doing EVERYTHING possible to look “Edgy” said to a male/male couple auditioning

    “Oh gosh, I mean, I just don’t know how to judge this, I mean it isn’t anything I could…I mean um….

    Oh, ok, so lets see here Miss Trying to look so edgy, who lives and breathes in the DANCE world was shocked by two men dancing. Why? Because dance is seen as being a femmy activity so they go overboard to try to pretend that all the guys are straight. They used to attack dancers for not being masculine and another judge even told the male male couple that they should try it with women because they might like it.

    They were attacked for homophobia and have tried to tone it down, but they STILL constnatly try to get the obviously gay male dancers to talk about how hot the female dancers are.

    As for Dancing with the stars…..Stars?

  • Jeff in NYC

    I have never seen one episode of DWTS. But it kills me that EVERY SINGLE SEASON when they announce who will be on, the exact same comments are always out there. Usually a variation on ‘Where are the stars?” Get a life people, and a grip. And Big Stella: Seems you have some unresolved issues if you have such a problem with Chaz Bono’s weight. HE seems perfectly happy. Perhaps a simple “I am happy he is happy” would suffice.

  • the crustybastard

    Dancing with the Relatives of the Stars.

  • christopher di spirito

    I’m thrilled for Chaz! He will be great.

    As for Nancy Grace, I wonder if she can shut the fuck up about Casey Anthony long enough to actually train for the program? I pity her partner. Step on Nancy’s foot and she will sue you.

  • MikeE

    @Cam: I should have specified: “So you think you can Dance, Canada”…. had they tried to be homophobic on that show, they’d have been kicked out of the country faster than you can say the name of the show.

  • Spike

    Cher must be planning on singing one of her new songs live on the show, soon there after, Chas will be voted off.

  • Cam


    Ahhh, makes sense!

    No. 11 · the crustybastard


  • Mar


    I do believe Warren Sapp was over 300 pounds when he started DWTS and he ended up being pretty good. Of course, he was a football player, so he was used to a high level of physical activity.

    I doubt Chaz Bono will last very long. Chaz is not very attractive (and that has nothing to do with the trans side of things, so don’t go there), so the crazy teen vote will go to someone else. Maybe Cher’s rabid fans can keep Chaz on like the Palinistas were able to keep Bristol on.

  • SteveC

    Laughing at the people moaning about the lack of ‘stars’ on this show?
    How absurd.
    Real stars are working on their chosen careers.
    DWTS is designed specifically for D-Listers.
    As for Chaz. Well good luck to him.

  • adam

    @EdWoody: It’s been my impression that the significant weight gain Chaz had while going through transition and he still retains is a side effect of the hormones he’s on. I’m not sure about that, but if it’s true it wouldn’t be something that could be danced away.

    I hope he has a great time on the show.

  • Jollysocks

    Excuse me but to me Ricki Lake is a BIG FUCKING STAR

  • Chris

    Chaz is one of the worst representatives for the trans community. He has likened transgender identities to birth defects. He is also fiercely heteronormative. I suppose the tv folks will love him because he tries to be a ‘mans man’ but totally leaves everyone in the dust who doesn’t adhere to the gender binary. What a poor poor choice of a transman for this show.

  • slanty

    Just another reason to watch!

  • Scott

    I would want to watch because Chaz and Ricki Lake are appearing but I will NOT watch because of Nasty Grace. Vote her off before the first episode airs!

  • missanthrope


    I agree. I wish he’d just go away, he’s a dickhead who tries to speak for all people when he clearly doesn’t.

  • Yellow Belly

    @missanthrope: Are you a tranny? And you’re making an outburst like that against your own? No wonder the T’s don’t get any respect.

  • missanthrope

    @Yellow Belly:

    lolz, you’re fucking hilarious, keep it up.

  • Dev

    I know this is terribly bad gay for saying this: but Chaz Bono has the personality of a traffic cone. If I was Chaz and watched Documentary that aired on OWN, I would have put a bullet in my head. He was a prick to production and a mega asshole to his girlfriend. Nothing redeeming about him came out of that documentary.

  • ElCidd

    Never watched the show, and never will. Not because of Chaz Bono, but because of that vicious Nancy Grace creature.

  • Teke

    If you have a brain cell why would you waste precious time watching such drivel. Good news is that at least it might help him curb his weight issue. Agree with Spike – Cher will perform then Chaz is done…

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