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Chaz Bono Voted Off Dancing With The Stars, But Still A Winner

Trans activist/celebrity offspring Chaz Bono was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night, but his positive attitude and thousands of fans scored an incredible victory for trans visibility.

When the roster for this season was announced, anti-LGBT forces immediately started grumbling about “the children,” that amorphous demographic that has apparently been living in a dark cave where they know nothing about the larger world.

But once the show started and America saw how hard Bono was working to earn his spot—and learned of his difficult path to self-acceptance—the haters quieted down (or were silenced) and the competition began in earnest.

Despite some injuries, Chaz surprised the judges and audience with his dedication and enthusiasm. (We thought his cha-cha was pretty darn good for a white boy.)

Said GLAAD‘s acting president, Mike Thompson:

“Chaz bravely put on his dancing shoes and became a fan favorite, showing millions of viewers that he’s like any other guy.

Though it’s sad to see him go, Chaz has helped countless people better understand what it means to be transgender. He should be commended for both his courage and determination. We hope Chaz’s time on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is just the beginning in a long line of transgender-inclusive programming across the media.”

Or as Chaz’s mama, Cher, put it via Twitter:

“I Have Got 2hold my temper. MY tears R OK! Congratulations Chaz I’m so PROUD OF U! This was YOUR quest… & u Followed Your Star!”

You just know she has some cocoa and s’mores waiting for him at home.

Image via ABC