Chaz Bono Won’t Be Telling You About Anything ‘Below the Waist’

Maybe CBS Studios’ Entertainment Tonight is footing Chaz Bono’s gender transitioning? Hopefully at least part of it, for all the access he granted in a two-part interview that wrapped on Friday. So just what are we learning about Chaz’s “four-to-five year” hormone+surgery journey?

He’s shaving his peach fuzz. And that’s all he’s gonna say! Well. Then.

But more than whether there will be new sex organs, we’re interested in Chaz’s four-year relationship with hottie Jennifer Elia. So goes the obvious questions: Is this a gay or a straight relationship? “Our relationship always modeled a heterosexual relationship, emotionally and intellectually. So now it does physically as well.”

Adds Chaz: “My outsides are finally starting to match my insides.”