Check Out Europe’s Gay Car Of The Year—And Queer Autos Of Yesteryear


The BMW 7-Series

Last year chose the gorgeous BMW 7-series as the gayest car in auto-obsessed Los Angeles.  The current model has a price tag of more than $70,000—kinda screams “sugar daddy,” no?

Photo: BMW

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  • Jeff

    Good grief; how could you leave off the 1955-1956 Dodge LaFemme?

    “The 1955 Dodge La Femme was the ultimate car for the discerning lady. For those who wanted something a little special, the 1955 La Femme delivered it, and how. Featuring a Heather Rose and Sapphire White two tone exterior treatment, the car exhuded charm and sophistication. Inside, the standard Custom Royal Lancer interior was reconfigured with “La Femme Only” rosebud cloth fabric and white vinyl bolsters. Special seat backs contained spots for ladies to store the supplied rain hat and purse.”

  • Matt

    I knew what a DS4 was. Not all of us are clueless when it comes to cars.

    I drive an ’04 Cobra with a KB twin screw.

  • Alex Galbraith

    I personally find this to be offensive to me, a Gay man. It gives the general
    public the idea that It’s okay to refer to Gay people as “Fags.” That is as
    wrong as calling an Escalade a N***er Car.

  • CaliberGuy

    I think these gayest car/straightest car things are so stupid, as there is nothing inherently gay or straight about a car. I mean plenty of gay men I know drive full-size pickups and I don’t know a single gay person that drives a Miatia but I do know a straight guy that dose for the reason its popular its a small sporty roadster. Not to mention that I myself drive and love my Dodge Caliber which was voted into the top 3 straightest care in one online survey, yet I love it’s stying and the car in general. Cars say a lot about people but not necessarily about their sexuality.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    @Alex Galbraith:
    I assume you’re talking about the Fag Bug. There’s an interesting story behind this car. It’s worth checking out or watching the documentary about the car on Netflix.

  • Jakey

    @Alex Galbraith: Yeah, what Timmmeeeyyy said. The Fagbug is not what you think; click the link on Erin Davies’ name and you’ll get the whole story. There’s even a documentary, and it’s well worth seeing (free on Hulu, still there I think).

    (Short version: She had a rainbow sticker on her Beetle, and one night someone scrawled “FAG” on it. Instead of washing it off she drove around the country using her now-defaced car to raise awareness about LGBT-targeted hate crimes. Now it has the fancy new paint job you see above.)

  • Mike UK

    of course you haven’t heard of it, Americans dont buy french cars! by the way a Miata in Europe is called an MX5 and I would say the gay car of choice in the UK is a Mini!

  • the other Greg

    The VW Jetta is way more gay than the Beetle.

  • Joseph

    None of the French carsmakers (Renault, Peugeot, Citroën) are marketed in the U.S., though Renault owns Nissan and some of their cars are modified Renaults.

    My car, a 2010 Ford Focus, may not be “gay,” but I adore it.


    I can just imagine if I had a car that was painted like the beetle minus the “fagbug” label and showing up 2 a PFLAG meeting would be sooo rad! Or a glbt pride parade. Or better yet,just 2 piss off conservative religious nutjobs, show up at their churches on Sunday and let the games begin! Things that make u go hmmmmmm……

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