Cheeses Christ!

Wisconsin is traditionally known as “America’s Fairyland.” What’s that you say? Dairyland? Oh well, there are lots of fun things to do with whipped cream. The Queerty Advisor will have to research exactly what. Meanwhile, though, WisconSIN has a mixed record on gay rights.

Tammy Baldwin

In 1982, the state legislature added sexual orientation to the existing ant-discrimination laws. Tammy Baldwin (loves playing volleyball, and is committed to dairy pricing reform) is the only openly lesbian U.S. Representative (different from being the only lesbian Rep, mind you). But the state dance is the polka. A Google search for “Gay Polka” returns 2,340,000,pages not a one using the word gay in reference to homosexuality.

And now, the gears are in motion for the Fairyland’s constitution to be amended to include a specific ban against gays marrying. An anti-gay marriage law is already on the books, but our enemies want to make sure that no “activist” judge tries giving us our rights. What kind of a fucking democracy would it be, after all, if you gave the goddamned fags and dykes their civil rights? The Roman Catholic Church, by the way, is being especially aggressive about pushing for the amendment.