Chelsea “One” With Equality In Iowa

Iowa’s absolutely abuzz with caucus activity today. As politically motivated citizens prepare to choose their leaders, HRC’s Rachel Balick and Charlie Mumford are blogging all about it – and they’re not alone in their adventures. The duo joined forces with One Iowa activist James Taylor and proceeded to stalk the Clinton family:

Charlie and I were determined to get a picture of Bill holding our HRC/One Iowa t-shirt, and we fought hard through the dense crowd to get to him. Sadly, we were no match for the crowd and he got away from us. However, we were physically very close to him, which was very exciting since we earlier discussed how he was the only Democratic luminary neither of us had never seen in person. James Taylor managed to get a picture with Hillary–sans t-shirt, unfortunately–but we did score a picture with Chelsea Clinton with the shirt.

The Advocate’s Kerry Eleveld also traveled to Iowa, where she’s keeping an eye on polls and talking to local politicos, like Obama supporter Christopher Diebel.