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Chely Wright Is Sorry She Ever Tricked Men Like Brad Paisley Into Dating Her

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Chely Wright finally landed the big kahuna on her coming out tour: Oprah. Yesterday the country singer, joined by her (accepting and wonderful) father, gave the daytime queen the chance to make her cry, and audiences weren’t disappointed.

It was actually a really terrific interview, as most of Wright’s chats have been. She’s known she is gay since her teens, but yes, she was among those who would say demeaning things to other gays just so she could fit in. It was easier to choose homophobe over homosexual. How terrible.

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So why is she coming out now? For her own sanity really, but also for a noble purpose: So young kids don’t have to deal with the shame that she went through. It’s too bad, then, that “just two” other country stars have reached out to her to wish her well since she came out.

But most remarkable about this interview — besides getting the chance to hear from her father Stan, who’s been loving and accepting — and what she writes in the book, is her apology for the men she quote-unquote tricked into dating her. They include mega country stars like Brad Paisley, whom Chely dated and slept with knowing full well she could never love them.

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And you better watch this last clip, where she mentions one of her “biggest fears” about coming out: not being able to do anything with the military again. And then she “ran into about 12 military men last week, and they were all in uniform,” and they told her, “You were there for us, we’re gonna be there for you.”