Chely Wright’s Barely Been A Lesbian For A Year And She’s Already Got A Bride

THE SHOT – Country singer Chely Wright’s barely been out for a year and she’s already got her own biopic and married to her girlfriend Lauren Blitzer —making up for lost time, we guess. This past Saturday Chely and Blitzer got hitched at a private ceremony in the Connecticut home of Blitzer’s aunt. But because Blitzer’s Jewish and Chely’s a goy, their ceremony had both a reverend and a rabbi.

Blitzer wrote the lesbian relationship book Same Sex in the City and works as the Development Director of the LGBT church outreach non-profit Faith in America. May their marriage provide many years of sweet sweet music!

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  • Reed Braden

    I mean, her career was over for years before she decided to reinvent herself as a lesbian icon… but now that she’s out, it seems to be working for her and she’s gaining publicity again… so… more power to ya, girl! (Just don’t expect me to listen to your twangy-ass hillbilly-music voice.)

  • Lefty

    Many congratulations, to them both.

  • sam

    gorgeous girls and amazing dresses.

    no idea who she is, but damn if theyre not a beautiful couple x

  • Carson

    I can always tell which posts are written by Villarreal based on the title. They’re all borderline offensive and a sad attempt at gaining attention.

  • Bryan

    That’s a really beautiful pic. HML to both of them.

  • Reed Braden

    @Carson: Is it really offensive to call people out on using our movement and our identity as a publicity stunt to launch or reignite a career? Adam Lambert, Ricky Martin, Clay Aikin, Lance Bass… that whole “Oh my god I’m gay PLEEEASE pay attention to me now/again!” crowd can go jump off a cliff.

  • Carson

    @Reed Braden:

    My comment was in reference to how Villarreal posts stories with ridiculous titles so he can garner attention. It had nothing to do with people using their sexual identity to gain publicity. Chely Wright has not “barely been a lesbian for a year.” She just recently came out, but she was still a lesbian before that. Maybe some celebrities use their identity as a way to revive their career, but I believe that she felt that was the right time to announce it so that her cause (gay rights) and the gay rights organization she is involved with (Faith in America) could become more popular and possibly gain more members. If a celebrity happens to be LGBT, they have to come out sometime. So does every LGBT celebrity’s coming out always mean that they are trying to bring back their career? Or should they just stay in the closet forever?

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