Takes eHarmony Battle To ‘Next’ Level

Online dating service isn’t backing down from‘s lawerly threats. The brouhaha began last month after Barry Diller’s started running television and print ads taking on the eHarmony’s gay ban.

Founded by Focus on The Family ally and James Dobson pal, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony insists they don’t discriminate against gays because they disapprove, but because their patented psychological tests aren’t calibrated for the queer mind. Oh, and then there’s the whole no gay marriage thing – eHarmony boasts its marriage-oriented goals. Since gays can’t marry, well, eHarmony can’t invite them into the not-so-loving fold. Discrimination sure is convenient, huh?

It certainly is for’s advertising agents, who concocted the aforementioned ads to prove their gay worth. And they’re certainly getting in the thick of the gays this and next weekend: the company’s booked two ads in New York fag rag, Next. Something tells us eHarmony hasn’t booked any space in the weekly’s pages. Perhaps they’re too busy fending off lesbian Linda Carlson’s discrimination lawsuit. Will eHarmony’s anti-gay tenacity take them down? We fucking hope so.