Cher Is Pissed And “Disappointed” Over Leak Of Lady Gaga Duet

cher-gagaThough Bradley Manning is in jail and Edward Snowden is in Russia, there sure have been a lot of high-profile leaks lately. First Lady Gaga’s “Burqa“, then Katy Perry’s “Roar” and snippets of Lady Gaga’s “Applause” (which led to the full release of the single a week ahead of schedule). Now Cher’s defunct duet with Gaga, “The Greatest Thing”, has finally seen the light of day.

Albeit briefly. The leak was of an unfinished version of the song but has subsequently been taken down because Cher is PO’d, you gays.

She followed with a simple “FK” after, but then finished with:

This now makes three Gaga songs leaked this week alone. She wasn’t happy about the first two, we can only assume her reaction about this latest one:


h/t: NewNowNext

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  • Mauricio

    It seems like this blog/site has something against Gaga , please don’t do it .Please try to review her stuff in a respectable way and I’m not saying this because of this article, but others. Thanks.

  • offbeatoh86

    You can still find the song online if you look for it. I just listened to it on Youtube and I think it’s pretty good.

  • jeff4justice

    Get over it. Every major album gets leaked. They know it’s gonna happen. Accept it. So sick of these rich fuckers trying to control internet freedom. It’s people like Cher why the 2-party system charade thinks they can pass anti-internet legislation like SOPA.

  • Caine

    I listened to it also and think it is great. Way better than Woman’s World.
    I don’t understand Gaga not wanting it to be released. Sad how pretentious she has become.

  • Polaro

    Drama. Divas. Music. Press.
    Repeat after me.
    Drama. Divas. Music. Press….

  • JDJase

    @jeff4justice: I would love to hear your clueless explanation of how stealing someone’s work and putting it on the internet equates to “internet freedom”

  • jeff4justice

    @JDJase: I would love to hear your clueless explanation of why you never had to pay for music on radio or YouTube. Did you pay royalties last time you sang Happy Birthday?

    RiP: A remix manifesto

    Online search: intellectual property is bullshit
    Oppose Intellectual Property

  • Icebloo

    I don’t believe the majority of these are real leaks. These “celebrities” get much free publicity if their music is leaked. It’s all about free promotion ! They leak the music themselves then the media runs stories about the leaks. It’s a win-win for the artist involved.

  • krystalkleer

    pleez…these “LEAKS” are as common as June Allison’s!…BLAH BLAH is just try’n to “push buttons”…to get outta snoreville…HMMM…wonder where she got that from? (insert M here)

    i’m just say’n…i ain’t hate’n!!

  • JDJase

    @jeff4justice: Oh yeah, I completely forgot that music is played on the radio and youtube completely for free! It’s a wonder that nobody has thought of having companies pay money to put advertisements on those things which subsidize the play of music! They should get on that! Oh, wait. Sure, you can listen to music at no cost to you, but guess what…you don’t own that music, and YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO THAT MUSIC. If an artist doesn’t want their music leaked, that is THEIR right, because they OWN that music. They made it, it is THEIR job. YOU are NOT ENTITLED to it in the name of “freedom.”

    Obviously you’re just one of those whiny little morons that confuses “rights” with “privileges” and screams “internet freedom means I’m entitled to anything I want for free whenever I want!!!!” Hopefully your employer comes to the same conclusion and stops paying you.

    and I’m not even going to get into public domain stuff over “happy birthday” with you since you have to have the most basic things explained to you.

  • Julie

    Lets face it Stefani [GaGa] is all an act, after being dumped by her first record label when she dressed like every other singer, her new label put into place an act, and part of their act is leaking music,[it can’t be leaked if its not given to people] to keep the fans happy,If they really cared they would tell no one about the release until it was out, instead of playing silly games,So its nice to see Katy Perry will win on the sales front,And Stefani who is a desperate,and trying hard to get the attention,so it must have hurt her ego that here last lp sold 9 million copies less than her 1st lp,And vast amounts of unsold tickets on her tour that had to be given away,and some dates were even cancelled, She needs less hype,and stop ripping every other artist off, and then she’ll be ok,And lets face it, what did the leaks achieve? Not hyped up her sales thats for sure, but had the opposite affect

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