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Cher offers to pay man’s legal expenses after he was fired for asking not to be called the N-word

When music legend Cher heard about Marlon Anderson, who was fired from his job last week for defending himself against a child who called him the N-word, she did what any icon worth $360 million would do: she offered to pay for his legal expenses should he choose to sue his former employer.

Last week, Anderson was let go from his job as a security guard at a high school in Wisconsin after he asked a student to please stop calling him the N-word.

Seems like a reasonable enough request to us.

But administrators at Madison West High School, where Anderson had worked for over a decade, felt differently. They said the school has a zero-tolerance policy for staff using the N-word and fired him on the spot. (Evidently, the same policy doesn’t apply to students.)

“My understanding of the policy was white staff shouldn’t use the N-word under any circumstances,” Anderson told NBC News afterwards. “But I had no idea me being called the word and me telling the student not to call me the word would get me fired.”

Enter Cher.

When the dance diva learned what had happened to Anderson, she was pissed and offered to cover his legal expenses if he wanted to sue the school board.

Referencing the late congressman Elijah Cummings, who died last Thursday, the singer tweeted: “How can people be so disrespectful!? A beloved man of color just passed and our nation is mourning him. Elijah Cummings FOUGHT FOR JUSTICE. He was loved and feared. If you want to sue [Madison Metropolitan School District] education board, I will incur your expenses.”

Evidently, merely offering her limitless resources to Anderson was enough to get the school board to reinstate his employment.

NBC 15 now reports:

The Madison Metropolitan School District rescinded the termination of a staff member, who was fired last week for using a racial slur.

According to a release from the union, Madison Teachers Inc., the Madison Metropolitan School District decided Monday to rescind the termination of Marlon Anderson, a security guard at Madison West High School.

There are many morals to this story, one of them being: Never cross Cher.

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