Cher Under Fire From Conservatives For Calling Sarah Palin A Dumb C*nt

Quick! Someone scour the gutter and find Chris Crocker because we need a “Leave Cher Alone” video STAT!

The Oscar-Grammy-Emmy-winning diva is known for callsin’ ’em like she seesin’ em, especially on her Twitter account and after seeing Sarah Palin in a different light — the harsh light of reality — she tweeted the following:

That’s when the conservative constituency unhinged their jaws and attempted to swallow the Dark Lady whole:

Who knew Miley Cyrus fans were such teetotaling Tea Partiers? Here’s another gem:

Other tweeters took umbrage with Cher’s use of the “C” word, but in all fairness, she literally said “The ‘C’ Word.” Members of the Cher army were not having their general attacked, however, and they came to her aid just like Jesse James :

And my personal favorite:

Meanwhile, pundits pummeled Cher with headlines such as “Cher’s Twitter crusade against the GOP and Tea Partiers alike has hit a new low” and “‘Feminist’ Cher empowers women by calling Sarah Palin the C-word; Shatters glass ceiling of crazy.” Silly pundit, don’t you know that glass ceiling was torpedoed the second Palin became the nominee for Vice President? Read your history.

As for Her Cherness, if she could turn back time, she wouldn’t. An unapologetic Cher later tweeted this follow-up:

I’m assuming she broke said foot sticking it up Sarah Palin.

h/t: The Hollywood Reporter