Chest Lightening & Shallow Politics

London mayoral candidate and former cop Brian Paddick’s been running around our pretty little head today. It all started when we chatted about his forth coming autobiography, in which he talks about his boyfriend’s physical abuse.

Sure, it’s not a very sexy topic, but it got us thinking about him. Plus the story has been everywhere, so it’s kind of hard to avoid his face.

Then, later in the afternoon, after we had worked through the brunt of our Paddick distraction, we came across some pictures from this weekend’s Lighthouse Gala Auction, which made us think about Paddick even more.

And now it’s all over. We can no longer contain ourselves…

Brian Paddick is hot. He’s not only hot, he’s fucking hot. You know he’s hot, we know he’s hot, and we’re willing to bet this his boyfriend (!) knows he’s hot.

And, if we were living in London, we would vote for him because he’s hot. So from now on, whenever we discuss this respectable public figure, we shall refer to him as Brian “The Babe” Paddick.

That is all…