Chevrolet Unveils New Ad Campaign Featuring LGBT Families During Winter Olympics

American car manufacturer Chevrolet made history during the horrendous Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony last night, airing what is hailed as “the first” set of advertisements to include LGBT families during an Olympic broadcast.

The two ads, one for the new Chevy Traverse and another for the brand itself, are part of the automotive giant’s new campaign called “The New Us”. They feature a diverse range of families under the narrative “What it means to be a family hasn’t changed, what a family looks like, has. This is the new us.”

GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis says Chevy has “nailed it“:

Chevrolet has nailed it with ads that truly reflect the fabric of our nation, which today includes gay and lesbian families. Recent LGBT-inclusive ads like these not only raise the bar for the advertising industry, but also reflect the growing support and acceptance of LGBT people. It’s about time my children were able to turn on the television and see families like their own represented in mainstream advertising.

Folks are being encouraged to discuss the new inclusive spots on social media using the hashtag #TheNew.