Cheyenne Jackson Complains That The Gay Press Has Turned On Him

cheyenne-jacksonYou know its funny, for so long I was seen as the all American blue-eyed sweet boy — that had been my image. I’m going to be 39 and up until 37 I had such a pristine reputation.  And really, nobody is perfect. Because I was good at managing it so carefully, no one even knew that I had struggled with drugs and alcohol for 20 years.

Then someone leaked that I was in a 12-Step program and that I had grown a crazy mustache, shaved my head, which I had done for a role and that I had gotten a couple of tattoos…it’s funny, I still feel the need to justify.

No one had really ever said anything bad about me and that was the hardest thing. With everything that has happened over the last year and a half, all of the stuff in the press, I kind of got raked over the coals.  As much as I like to pretend that it doesn’t matter, it did. I’m just like everybody else; of course I want you to like me.

I am amazed how quickly the press can turn on you. It’s especially true of the gay press at times.

Don’t get me wrong; the LGBT press has been incredibly supportive over the years. It’s just been a few snarky blogs that I have had to stay away from. Mostly because of how much it hurt my family; they have been really affected by it at times. I guess it’s like RuPaul shared with me, ‘Your opinion of me is none of my business.’”

Talented entertainer Cheyenne Jackson referring to his sometimes unflattering portrayal on “snarky gay blogs” in an interview with Rage Monthly