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Cheyenne Jackson Is Ready to Drop Elbows on Ramin Setoodeh

Gay stage darlings Cheyenne Jackson and Michael Urie are joining Kristin Chenoweth in the witch hunt for for Ramin Setoodeh, the Newsweek associate editor making the oh-so-au-courant claim that gays can’t play straight on stage. It’s delicious.

Speaking at a Q&A following last night’s The Temperamentals show, AfterElton relays that Jackson was all: “Not only does [Setoodeh] say that a gay man can’t play straight, he got personal, picking on Sean Hayes in Promises, Promises, [pointing out] certain scenes where he thinks [Sean] is stiff and uncomfortable. And then he picks on Jonathan Groff, who just came out. He’s a young teen heartthrob [in Glee]. He’s so talented and so delicious and needs our love and support. Instead, [Setoodeh] says he’s not believable at all. It was very veiled self-loathing. Really upsetting. Everytime we go forward, some asshole like this takes us back a bit.”

And Urie went and did: “No straight critics accuse Sean Penn of not being able to play Harvey Milk or [criticize] Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.”

More of this, please. We’ve already argued Newsweek should just do Setoodeh a favor and put him out to pasture for his inane claims. But if a larger portion of the Broadway community comes out against him, at the very least his assignment editors won’t be having him write about the theater again.

Meanwhile, it’s notable that it’s guys like Jackson and Urie speaking publicly about Setoodeh. While we all know Broadway is home to some nasty, bitter queens, Jackson and Urie are two of the nicest and most level-headed guys in theater and television. So to piss them off? That’s quite a feat.

Somebody buy Setoodeh a(nother) shot, and send him on his way.