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Cheyenne Jackson Moves In On Don Draper’s Turf With Carnegie Hall Gig

We’ve seen Cheyenne Jackson in person and, let us tell you, the man knows how to fill out a suit. It’s not an exaggeration to say we’d pay to hear him read from the telephone book—if anyone had a telephone book anymore.

Fortunately, your options are somewhat better on November 18, when Jackson performs with The New York Pops under Musical Director Steven Reineke at Carnegie Hall.

Though Cheyenne has become something of a household name with appearances on Glee and 30 Rock, the out entertainer will be channeling a different hit show—Mad Men—when he performs “Luck Be A Lady,” “Feeling Good” and other songs from the swinging ’60s with the legendary orchestra.

“I absolutely love working with Cheyenne,” says Reineke of the All Shook Up and Xanadu star. “This is going to be a really hip, swingin’ concert with some of our favorite tunes from the 50s and 60s —and even some contemporary tunes that are a throwback to that time. Like all of our concerts, I like to throw in a few surprises.”

Come to think about it, why don’t they put Jackson in Mad Men? He could be Don Draper’s insanely hot gay brother-in-law or something.
Get a taste of “Cheyenne Jackson’s Cocktail Hour: Music of the Mad Men Era,” courtesy of Playbill.com, in the clip below.