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  • Tony

    30RockCastMemberswithiPhones: Best. website. ever.

    Can’t wait for the live telecast tonight.

  • Cal

    He’s pretty but kind of girlie – hard to see him play straight!

  • Tony

    I didn’t know who he was when he first appeared on “30 Rock”, as the good looking, dumb actor and Jack’s super-macho sidekick. Apparently he was already a name, and out of the closet, so the whole thing was a big ha-ha I wasn’t in on.

    Now, I HATE when people say, “I’d have never known you were gay!” as a compliment, but maybe, when talking about actors at work, there’s a little wiggle room for such a remark.

    (Tee Hee! “wiggle room”).

  • Soupy

    I’m fervently hoping that he has some nude pics or a sex tape floating around somewhere.

  • Soupy

    Why thank you! I’ll pretend that he is my boyfriend too.

  • alan brickman

    better be shirtless….thats all I’m sayin….

  • hephaestion

    @Cal: Hard to see him playing straight? Clearly you haven’t seen him on Broadway. I saw him in 3 shows where no one who didn’t know better could have ever imagined that he wasn’t straight. He plays straight better than most straight guys. It’s called acting. And Jackson is the most talented man alive today, or he’s tied with Hugh Jackman.

  • L.

    @hephaestion: Jackson tied to Jackman? Now *that’s* a sight I’d like to see.

  • Trey

    He’s hot as long as he doesn’t speak.

  • neverrealized

    @Tony: Super macho – lol. I keep waiting for the character to come out of the closet. Miss Thang is pretty but still a MT.

  • Pat Conroy

    @hephaestion: I just saw her in London on a Friday night on the street in soho with her friends two weeks ago – butch she ain’t. Have seen him on broadway as well – he should stick to theater.

  • Soupy

    Leave Cheyenne alone! – Chris Crocker

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