Cheyenne Jackson Takes A Bath, Ricky Martin Takes His Shirt Off & Tom Daley Takes His Money To Russia This Week On Instagram

Fear not! The week that gave us fake reports of a Zac Efron/Dave Franco relationship, a half a pound of meth up the ass and way too many straight women in gay bars was not as awful on Instagram.

Temporary Queen frontman Adam Lambert stuffed` his meat in Jake Shears’ mouth…

…and then hung out with Swedish soccer stud Anton Hysén.

Brofriend divers Jack Laugher and Chris Mears head to the Commonwealth Games. Can they just make this official already?

Cheyenne Jackson falls asleep in the tub.

Andy Cohen takes his pal Wacha on his very first helicopter ride.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black throw some cash at Russian businesses in Siberia.

Confirmed: Ricky Martin is wearing short shorts on his Mediterranean vacation.

EJ Johnson models the most sensible items from Chanel.

Which one of Aaron Schock‘s extremely metrosexual (?) interns does he favor most? (Our money’s on Far Right Guy, the sophisticated chap who holds his spoon between his pinky and ring fingers.)

Colton Haynes welcomes a lady onto his lap. Never seen anything like this before.

Former Marine Alex Minsky is sporting a stylish new leg thanks to UNYQ.

Taco Bell tasted the rainbow.

Blake Skjellerup enjoys “the best ice cream sandwich you’ve ever had in your life.”

Former gay porn model and current Escape Club cast member Jesse Blum opens his Instagram back up to the public, just in time for a naked selfie.

British baker John Whaite steps out of the kitchen and into a very tiny swimsuit.

Justin Bieber chills at the pool… in a hat and leather pants.

Sometimes-nude Footy Show host Beau Ryan interviews Ricky Martin.

Stunning hair goddess Micah Da Mac and the video that started it all.

James Franco, star of Palo Alto High School’s 1996 senior hunk calendar.

Fashion maven Brad Goreski tests a new hair style.

Who’d you rather? Drag Race stud Simon Sherry Wood and his pal Saville Dorfman

…or former gay porn star Harry Louis and his beau Diego Cavalcante?