Cheyenne Jackson To Play a “Handsome Meth Addict” In New Ryan Murphy TV Project

cheyenne jackson attitudeCheyenne Jackson, who’s spent the last few months cavorting with a new boyfriend, making sex tapes, getting “prison” tattoos, not being a Nazi skinhead, and generally unleashing a big batch of old-fashioned crazy on the west coast, has gotten a new job.

The actor has just joined Open, an HBO pilot from American Horror Story creator and Hollywood power gay Ryan Murphy. The show, described as a “modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships” also stars Wes Bentley, former Fringe geek goddess Anna Torv and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Jackson will be playing an as yet unnamed character who is described only as a “handsome meth addict,” a role that Murphy reportedly created just for him. No word on the sexual orientation of the character, though it could go either way since Jackson has played straight before.

The actor has been, ahem, open about his own experience with addiction, having just completed a stint in rehab for alcoholism which he discussed after confirming his pending divorce from husband Monte Lapka.

Who knows? Maybe all this time CJ was just punking us all and getting into character for what seems like a sexy new project.