Cheyenne Jackson Weds, One Step Further From Being Our Man-Slave

Hundreds of same-sex couples raced to City Hall once marriage equality took effect in July, but Cheyenne Jackson waited a little longer before marrying longtime boyfriend Monte Lapka in a private ceremony in the Hamptons on Saturday. “It’s official, after 11 years together, Zora’s no longer a bastard,” Jackson tweeted, referencing the couple’s dog. “Just married the best man I’ve ever known.”

Jackson, who’s gone from Broadway to roles on 30 Rock and Glee, won’t have time for much of a honeymoon, though: He’s taking part in an staged reading of 8, Dustin Lance Black‘s play about the Proposition 8 trial, on September 19.

Oh you will be ours one day, Cheyenne. One day…

Image via @cheyennejackson

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  • peter

    Avery, you are a disgusting cow. If only you could physically go back in time instead of polluting the current world with your dated tactics (feminizing a gay man’s name as a put down? How nice.)

  • Lefty

    I didn’t read “Miss Jackson” as a put down at all.
    Congratulations to them both. They look like a happy couple.

  • Dan Avery

    Its a song title (“Ms Jackson” by Outkast) and a reference to the fact that we’ve “missed” the chance to snag Jackson

  • Maddie

    Hahahaha my link so beautiful

  • Lisa

    So Smithers finally snagged Monte!

  • Mav

    @Dan Avery: I thought it was funny. Have no idea who Cheyenne Jackson is though.

  • Michael

    Congrats to Cheyeene and Monte. A true A-List Power Couple. They are smart, talented, activist, dedicated to setting an example to singles everywhere that “YES” you can have it all.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Mav: I see, so it’s okay for the gays to feminize fellow gays, because that’s funny BUT not okay when straight comedians do the very same thing? And you think that’s okay and you don’t even know who the target, Cheyenne Jackson is. Well he is an accomplished actor co-starring on 30 Rock, many guest appearances on other shows, and importantly, featured as Mark Bingham, the gay man who led the fight against the Flight 93 terrorists who downed that aircraft before another 9/11 building was attacked.

    Snark has its place: Frothy Mix Santorum being a wonderful example. But it is not appropriate here, unless of course, you also happen to like to be called Ms. Mav among your friends and family. Do you, Ms. Mav, or is it Miss Mav, or simply Missy your preference?

  • Mav

    @Mike in Asheville: Who said I didn’t think it was funny when comedians feminize gay guys? The Birdcage is literally one of my favorite movies ever. And yes, I think it’s innocuous regardless of who this guy is. Apparently I just don’t watch enough junk TV to recognize him. I don’t know whether he’s femme or not in real life, but I don’t care.

    I just recognize the article’s subtitle as a pun, no more and no less (just like Avery said). I didn’t see it as a dig at anybody, especially not Jackson.

    To be honest, nobody really calls me “Miss” except security guards, but if they did, I’d laugh. I’m a butch lesbian who wears male clothing every day and I make no secret of being transgendered to some degree, so to have someone call me “miss” would have extra hilarity sprinkles on it.

    But no, I don’t get offended when someone calls me “sir” either. It’s only said to me in three contexts: as a backhanded insult, as a respectful way to recognize my gender-nonconformity, or as an honest mistake. I’m capable of laughing it off regardless of the circumstances.

    I think gay people need to grow a sense of humor. We’re all going to become bitter assholes if we live life on the politically-correct defensive.

  • Alistair

    They can have each other. They are both two “nelly” feminine guys.
    Not all that cute.
    And furthermore I am cuter than either.

  • Suzygoo

    @alistair you may be cuter but Cheyenne and Monte are handsome. I’ll take handsome over cute. Cute is for puppies-handsome is for dancing to the end of love. What the hell is wrong with wishing them well and to a long married life! Congratulations to the two of them: Monte-dance Cheyenne to the end of love!

  • Cam

    Now just watch, all of these “Accepting” TV interviewers will now completely refrain from every asking him a personal question so they don’t have to have him say “My husband” on their show….they wouldn’t want to offend their audience after all.

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