Cheyenne Jackson’s Alleged Homemade Sex Tape Surfaces

vlcsnap-2013-09-17-10h59m09s75-1Okay, so it’s not a proper sex tape, but it’s pretty damn close!

A video allegedly featuring the soon-to-be-divorced Cheyenne Jackson yanking his chain has hit the internet, and there’s a few good reasons why some believe it’s not just a grade-A hoax. The 52-second video, which you can watch in full here (NSFW, obviously) shows a man reaching completion before turning the camera on (half) of his face to say “Clearly, I need my boyfriend here.”

What? Don’t act like you’ve never done this.

Fleshbot is laying out all the evidence making a case for why they believe it to be Cheyenne Jackson. For starters, those recent tattoos he slapped on his right arm are similar to the ink on Amateur Man’s right arm:


Chey-Jacskon-Tatto-670x502 (1)

It’s not the most compelling evidence, either. At the end of the video, Amateur Man shows half of his face. While we can never be sure if it’s actually Cheyenne or just a damn good lookalike, Amateur Man certainly doesn’t look much different! Couple this with a similar voice and the fact that Amateur Man has a boyfriend, and voila: Instant conspiracy wank video.

What do you think? Is it Cheyenne Jackson or a brilliant prankster?

[Photos via Fleshbot, NSFW!]

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  • Polaro

    As much as I would like to believe it is him, I don’t think it is.

  • Scribe38

    I really don’t think that his him… I would get a lawyer and do a little suing.

  • Dxley

    This had better be him. I’ve been praying so hard that it gets to this :D

  • hephaestion

    I still love Cheyenne whether it’s him or not. What’s the big deal? If that’s the worst thing a person has ever done, he’s still more moral and decent than almost all Popes, politicians, and ministers.

  • sportsguy1983

    Cheyenne Jackson isn’t attractive at all.

  • Dxley

    @sportsguy1983: So what?

  • Bozen

    that ugly wiener


  • Niall

    With the tattoos, the divorce and his weird behaviour lately, is he having some kinda midlife crisis?

  • Polaro

    He is completely hot and talented. If you think you are hotter and more talented, send me an email, I need a new boyfriend.

  • crowebobby

    Short (dick that is), croissant shaped, and not a very exciting cum shot, but a very pretty head. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  • LeNair Xavier

    If it is Cheyenne Jackson, this shouldn’t hurt or help his career either way. For whether often, or once in a blue moon, what guy doesn’t beat their meat? However, if it is him, and it does hurt his career, then it will be nothing more than another example of the hypocrisy many companies display. Such as the one I recently experienced from of all companies, the tv channel, Logo because of my porn past:


  • CaptainFabulous

    FWIW I don’t think it’s him. Doesn’t quite look right.

  • GlitterKidder

    Clearly Mr. Jackson is trying to one up Ms. Cyrus! Your turn Miley, wow us!

  • GayTampaCowboy

    Hey, it’s a safe sex video right? hahahaha.

    And, go to any gay “tube” site and you’ll find ten’s of thousands of homemade j/o videos by gay, bi and str8 guys….so, why shouldn’t a gay celeb make one?

  • multitasker

    The tattoos don’t match. The curves are going opposite directions–and not in the way the usual photo-flipping would do. Very cute, but I don’t think the face looks like Jackson, either.

  • B Damion

    @sportsguy1983 …OMG-really? lol. I would think that he was gods gift to gay white men. He certainly fits the profile of what most gay men would find attractive. I don’t know, am I wrong?

  • pauleky

    @crowebobby: Ugh – you’re the type that give gay men a bad name.

  • Dixie Rect

    Doesn’t look like him to me, having met him in person.

  • Dan Shill

    I had to resort to Google to find out who Cheyenne Jackson is.

  • Skip

    I don’t believe its him. THIS guy sounds British. Similar look in the face but hard to tell. Since Ive never been physically intimate with Cheyenne, can’t say. I saw it’s a close look-a-like.

  • BritAus

    Yeah English accent, but he’s an actor, and that’s what they do.
    But I don’t think it’s him.

  • Rockery

    @Dan Shill:

    I don’t know how he is either and I’m not going to google him. Ugly dick.

  • UWSguy

    Love Cheyenne but I don’t think that’s him. Wishful thinking.

  • erichinnw

    It doesn’t sound like him or even look like him. Why do we think this is Cheyenne?

  • balehead

    He’s still hawt!…oh you whiny bitches……

  • Eiswirth

    Not him.

  • fredo777

    Uh, I’m gonna differ from a lot of the other comments + say that this definitely is him. For one thing, the “British” accent is obviously put on in a joking manner. I’m pretty sure it’s him + I’d be surprised if I was wrong on this one.

  • Dev.C

    That’s TOTALLY Cheyenne! From the eye’s, tattoos, to his mouth. Yeah that’s him Damn!

  • fredo777

    Also, I don’t think there is anything wrong with his dick. People are just being nit-picky.

  • Cam

    Somebody needs to generate a little press. just the fact that the face and tattoos are hinted at but not totally shows etc… my guess would be that he himself leaked this.

  • fredo777

    @Dev.C: That’s TOTALLY Cheyenne! From the eye’s, tattoos, to his mouth.”

    Right? The freckles on his nose (which you can barely see, but they’re there). The eyebrow shape, the bottom teeth. It’s obviously him.

    Check this vid, where he’s just speaking in the intro + you can even tell he’s got the same tone (aside from the fake accent).


    *replace the “_” with an “o”.

  • Darreyl102

    If it’s not him, I’d be shocked. Having seen the man many many times on stage over the years and talking to him face to face many times, it looks like him and it sounds like him too. He may be using a little accent, but there is no mistaking his distinct speech pattern.

  • Mykey

    Can a masturbation video be considered a sex tape? I’d do him anyway…

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