Cheyenne Williams Was Given 6 Months to Turn Straight, Or Else

Cheyenne Williams, the lesbian Kentucky teen almost thrown off a cliff by three female classmates, was subjected to the assault because a pact made by the other girls to beat the homosexuality out of her, says the Kentucky Equality Federation. Corinne Schwab and Ashley Sams, as well as the unidentified 17-year-old suspect, allegedly gave Williams six months to turn straight — an ultimatum they apparently never told Williams about. Meanwhile, Kentucky State Police detectives say they haven’t found any evidence this was a hate crime; in the state, it is a judge who must make that determination, relays Lez Get Real, although the new Matthew Shepard Act could elevate the investigation to the federal level. Meanwhile, at the high school these girls all attend, a few years ago a student brought a gun to school allegedly to shoot two lesbian classmates.

UPDATE: The suspects’ attorneys are claiming Williams was in on an an elaborate prank.

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