Cheyenne’s New Gig

Pop-eye loving Cheyenne Jackson’s about to get a new film credit.

The handsome homo has been cast in director Chuck Griffith’s Shifting the Canvas. The flick, according to the press people, “tells the story about a group of artists living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who struggle to maintain a rather dysfunctional family of friends in a post-9/11 world challenged by gentrification, deception and sterilization.” Is that sterilization as in white-washing or neutering, both of which are scary.

Griffith’s apparently thrilled to be working with Cheyenne, “Cheyenne is the caliber of actor that a director looks for in commanding a scene…I am both humbled and excited to work with this gifted actor of stage and screen.” No word on how Griffith feels about the rest of the cast, including Kids In The Hall‘s Scott Thompson and Gedde Watanabe, who starred as Long Duk Dong in Sixteen Candles.

By the way, the press release informs us of a “unique twist:” “…the openly gay actor will be playing Jens, a straight Ivy League type.” Absolutely shocking!

Update: As you’ll see in the comments, Griffith has commented on Thompson, who he likes, which is good, because they have to work together and shit. We should have remembered Griffith’s remarks, but they were made last July and we have no long-term memory.