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Chicago, Amsterdam And Santa Fe Among The Best Gay Travel Hotspots

2639860244_c719757d3a_oGay travelers have spoken: Chicago is 2013’s “City of the Year,” barely beating out the likes of Rio de Janeiro and Toronto. The Windy City received 22% of the votes in Best of GayCities 2013, the largest interactive promotion for gay travelers. This year, the promotion was sponsored by American Airlines.

Other big wins include Vienna for “Culture Hub” and Santa Fe, this year’s big surprise, as 2013’s “Hidden Gem.” Winners were chosen not by editors, but by over 80,000 votes.

“We’re proud to present the biggest annual awards chosen by real gay travelers,” said GayCities CEO Scott Gatz. “Audience engagement in this year’s campaign was a record high, proving the continued interest in LGBT travel and GayCities’ commitment to helping over 720,000 LGBTs connect and discover the best destinations each month.”

Venerable gay metropolis New York City won in three categories, “Nonstop Nightlife,” “Fashion Capital” and “Singles Scene.” The gay mecca of the West, San Francisco, won for its “Utopian Pride.” Other wins include Paris (“Foodie Paradise”), Sydney (“Fun in the Sun”), Key West (“Relaxation Central”) and W Hotels (“Heavenly Stays”).

Best of GayCities 2013 also reflected the worldwide momentum for marriage equality with three new categories: “Global Marriage Mecca” (winner, Amsterdam); “American Marriage Mecca” (winner, San Francisco); and “Honeymoon Hotspot” (winner, Santorini).

What do you think? Do these results reflect the reality of gay life? Or are they perhaps a little too predictable? Check out all the categories, nominees and runners up here.

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  • barkomatic

    The only category that matters is “singles scene” and NYC won that — so all is good!

  • Jackhoffsky

    Dammit. I was thinking about going there for Pride this year… now EVERYBODY’S going to be there. It’s going to be crowded and…


  • SpunkyBunks

    Amsterdam? Not quite. I just got back from there and the gay nightlife is a fraction of what it used to be, Rembrandtplein gay bars have been taken over by the straights. Most of the red light district has been shut down by the conservative government and there is a lot of homophobia from the muslim immigrants. I had a way better time in Berlin, Barcelona, or Madrid!

    Santorini was just okay, super touristy and mainstream, I had a more authentic experience on other Greek islands. I live just south of Santa Fe, although it’s pretty, it’s pretty pricey. Tons of shopping, restaurants, art galleries, etc. No real gay action, it’s all integrated with straight life. It’s more of a relaxed resort, no homophobia and we have gay marriage.

    I give a big thumbs up for Vienna. It’s gorgeous, has lots to see and do, and some fun gay bars/clubs. What are your opinions?

  • Will L

    What the hell would attract anyone to Chicago unless you’re into crime-ridden, dirty cities.

  • Usonian

    @Will L: It sounds like you have never been to Chicago?

  • stanhope

    I live in Chicago and save for IML, can’t imagine why it would be in the top 10 much less first. Where is Provincetown? Though it has become more straight of late, it is still a wonderful, relaxing, very gay destination. I also don’t know why Atlanta wouldn’t rank high on the list.

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